WHAT happens if all four contestants are knocked out on The Chase?

This has only happened a handful of times through the history of the show – but what do they do if this happens?

What is The Chase?

The Chase is a British quiz show which sees players try their hand answering questions against a professional quizzer.

Their job is to try and ‘catch’ the contestant, stopping them from winning a cash prize.

A team of four people try and win as much money as possible in their individual go, which is later added to a prize fund.

If the player wins their heat, the money they’ve accumulated goes into a shared pot.

But if they’re caught by the chaser, they and their money are eliminated.

The remaining players – if they survive – play as a team to win an equal share of the collective pot of cash.

The series began in 2009.

Who are the chasers?

The six chasers are;

  • Mark Labbett
  • Shaun Wallace
  • Anne Hegerty
  • Paul Sinha
  • Jenny Ryan
  • Darragh Ennis

Mark Labbett and Shaun Wallace have been on the show since it began in 2009.

Anne Hegerty joined in 2010, Paul Sinha the following year, and Jenny Ryan, joined in 2015. The latest addition, Darragh Ennis, joined the show in 2020.

What happens if all four players are beaten?

But if all four are caught, how do they fill the last 20 minutes of the show?

As diehard fans will know, this very thing has happened a few times in the past.

Instead of leaving a gaping hole in the ITV show – presented by Bradley Walsh – one caught contestant is nominated by the team and returns to face the Chaser alone.

The prize fund is reset at £4000 and, should he or she win the money, it’s split four ways.

It doesn’t always mean the Chaser is in for an easy ride either.

On 7 February 2013, Chaser Paul Sinha caught all four of his challengers but the nominated player beat him by one point in the final chase.

All four contestants won £1,000 each, and became the show's first team to win after all being caught in the multiple choice chase round.

Two months later, on 15 April, The Sinnerman knocked out another team and lost to the nominee for the second time in a row.

Then, in 2019, Chaser Anne Hegerty beat all four contestants, but they left empty-handed after they nominated Claire to face her in the final round of questions and she lost.



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