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IF YOU want to try out a new sex position the pretzel-dip might just be the one to spice things up.

It might not sound so saucy, but the position promises a steamy night for your and your partner, but you'll want to get it right.

What is the pretzel-dip sex position?

The pretzel-dip is a pretty frisky position, you'll need a good stretch beforehand, because as it's name suggests it requires a fair bit of bending.

But the rewards are definitely worth it and you'll be rewarded by deeper penetration and a totally intimate experience.

Women's Health details how to master the steamy pose and explains why it should be at the top of your sex bucket list.

How do you do the pretzel-dip sex position?


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To pull off the position, you should lie on your right side as your partner kneels in between your legs.

Straddling your right leg and curling your left leg around their left side, get them to enter you and thrust at a speed you both find enjoyable.

You can keep your head on a pillow and your your elbows to hold the upper half of your body up if you'd rather see everything going on.

What are the benefits of the pretzel-dip sex position?

Woman's Health says: "With this sex position, you get the deeper penetration of doggy style while still being able to make that important eye contact.

"Or, if penetration isn't your thing, your partner can easily grind against up against you stimulating your clit."

Give the position a go and you'll understand why it's a hoot for both parties.

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