Woman reveals 1970s’ hack to get any wine ‘sparkling’ – it’s left people simultaneously impressed & horrified | The Sun

A CLEVER woman has revealed her clever method to turn any wine ‘sparkling’ in one quick and easy step – but not everyone thinks it’s “revolutionary”. 

Taking to social media, Lindsay Secrest Marean explained that he saw her sister do the hack once and has never gone back to buying sparkling wine from the shop since. 

Pouring a bottle of white wine into a clear glass container, she explained: “One time my sister put wine in the sodastream because she wanted sparkling wine… 

“I think it should be called Ohio champagne.” 

She then demonstrated the function by placing it into the machine before taking it out and pouring it into a small wine glass and taking a sip. 

TikTok user @lindsaysecretmarean added in the caption: “It works though”. 

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Turning tap water into a fizzy drink was first made popular in the 1970’s and 80’s but appeared to fade away for decades until it returned onto the scene in 2010. 

SodaStream was first founded in 1903 in England and essentially forces carbon dioxide gas into water, making it sparkling. 

The machine has a warning that states you should only use the product with water. 

Despite this, people were left in awe of Lindsay’s clever hack and took to her comments section to share their thoughts. 

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“I had this idea to rebubble my Prosecco and the soda stream manual said it could make it explode, I was so sad,” one person said – further confirming the warning over just using water. 

Another said: “when I did this with my dad the soda stream bottle exploded,” followed by a crying emoji.

And another suggested: “Just a guess, but I think the extra space in the bottle was key.” 

Meanwhile, others said it was genius as one shared: “everyone who has ever had a soda stream has done this. and milk for some reason”. 

Another said: “This is revolutionary”. 

And a third added: “Do I…want a Sodastream now??

While there's a mix of opinion over it, SodaStream does warn that carbonating anything other than water with the machine could end in an explosion.

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