My 'BBL' trick is a genius way to bring more baggage on a plane without paying extra – they didn’t even question it | The Sun

AFTER a flight attendant told a passenger that she would need to check in her personal item, the traveler got creative.

She found a way to bring that bag on board and viewers are praising her ingenuity. 

TikToker Shewana (@theonpoint1) said she didn’t want to pay any more fees while traveling.

That’s why checking in a bag for her flight wasn’t an option.

“When you’re flying Frontier and they say your personal bag is too big,” she wrote in the clip.

While many people would just hang the luggage over to the flight attendant and accept defeat, Shewana did not.

As for how exactly she got the bag on board behind their backs?

Well, she stuck it in her pants.

Wearing green workout leggings, the bottoms were flexible enough for her to stuff the bag in her pants for the time being.

She tied a jean jacket around her waist so that it would hide the shape, and instead just looked like she had a very big backside.

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Finding humor in it all, Shewana posed to reveal how curvy and ridiculous she looked.

“Keep it FREE sis,” she wrote in the caption alongside the hashtag #instantBBL.

The background audio she used, which featured people clapping and cheering, was Shewana’s way of applauding her own ingenuity.

As for whether or not the hack worked, after one person commented, “I bet they didn’t even question it,” Shewana revealed that they did not – and she got on that plane no problem.

“When there’s a will, there’s a way,” one commenter noted.

“They charge me $99 at the gate and you’re telling me I could’ve just done this,” wrote another.

“Absolutely brilliant,” a third chimed in.

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