You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the cat hidden in the kitchen | The Sun

WHEN you're preparing your dinner, the last thing you might expect to come across is a hidden cat.

A TikToker has shared an image of her cat, camouflaged on her kitchen counter top.

TikTok user Lou, known to her followers as AngelsMama16, shared a picture of her kitchen, where a cat has found an interesting place to lounge.

The image shows a cluttered kitchen counter and overhead cupboards.

Lou challenged viewers to try their hand at locating the sneaky feline hidden among the busy countertop.

If you've been scanning the dishes and kitchen appliances and are still unable to find the hidden cat, Lou's replies in the comment section might provide some hints.

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"He hid himself there – I got a fight when I was preparing dinner," she told viewers.

She also informed her followers: "He finds the oddest places to sit."

If you're still peeling your eyes, have a look above the microwave located on the right side of the counter.

The house pet can just about be seen nestled on top of the kitchen appliance.

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TikTok users took to the comments section to share how long it took them to locate the stealthy feline.

"Found it, took me about 5 minutes," said one viewer.

Another follower commented: "Got it, well and truly hidden."

"OMG HOW DID HE MANAGE TO SIT THERE?" asked a third person.

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