You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the hidden cat in under 30 seconds in baffling optical illusion | The Sun

A CUTE little cat is hidden somewhere in this leafy patio taking a nap but not everyone will be able to find the pet in the image.

The optical illusion picture was posted as a hide and seek-type challenge for Twitter users.

The feline blended into their surroundings very well, so many struggled to spot him.

Viewers with the eyes of a hawk might be able to find the cat in less than 30seconds.

The post shared earlier this week is one hundreds on the account @thereisnocat_.

"Images with no cats," the account's description says.

The account has garnered nearly 900,000 followers since it was created in December 2019.

"I love this twitter acc. it's like playing Where's Waldo," one commenter said.

"It took me a while but I made it," said another.

Other Twitter users shared screenshots revealing the cat's location.

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An orange and white feline is hiding on the left side of the picture beneath a wide leaf hanging off a potted plant.

The pot is the second one from the left in the upper row.

The cat can be seen napping with their head resting on their front paws.

In another image shared by the account, a cat was hidden in a picture of a veterinarian's office.

The black feline, who doesn't look too excited about its upcoming doctor's appointment, is camouflaged as it lurks in the office's sink.

"My cat Smoke used to do this at vets office," one commenter said.

"Just a lil void chillin in sink," said another.

In another strange cat image, a feline's head appears to be floating around a backyard without the rest of its body.

The image shared by @brunettegal3 on TikTok actually shows a cat resting its head on a step.

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That's why the rest of the animal can't be seen from this vantage point.

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