You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the owl hidden in this optical illusion in just four seconds | The Sun

AN OPTICAL illusion has left punters scratching their heads after trying to spot a hidden owl in just four seconds.

The brain teaser has gone viral online leaving a lot of viewers perplexed.

The image is an illustration of a wooded forest with rays of sunlight beaming in – just to throw the reader off that little more.

Among the trees and shrubs there is an owl perched up somewhere.

The goal is to find it within four seconds.

If completed, the participant will be crowned with "eyes of a hawk".


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Have you managed to spot it?

Do not fear if not, The Sun Online has the answers to put readers' minds at ease.

If you scan the picture from bottom up, follow the trunks of each tree.

Second from the left, a light brown wooded tree is hidden in the background and concealed by the mystical dawn sunlight.

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About three quarters up the length of the tree you will find the owl perched inside.

The cleverly camouflaged image has thrown off most readers.

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