You’ve been shaving your legs all wrong, beauty pro says it’s why they feel spiky after the shower, here's her method | The Sun

A BEAUTY whizz has revealed we’ve been shaving our legs all wrong for years, but people aren’t so convinced by her hack…

Julia Huynh, from California, often uses her social media to share her clever tips and tricks.

And in one video, she explained that she’d discovered the best way to get smooth, stubble-free legs using just one trick. 

Dressed in a black T-shirt with her raven hair down to frame her face, she said: “If you shave your legs and you always find yourself always shaving it…

“Cause you’re like, ‘Why is my hair growing back so fast?’ or you’ll shave it and after you get out of the shower and you get into bed, you’re like, ‘Wait… why do I have stubble?’

“Let me give you some tips…” 

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She then explained that while you’re in the shower, you should turn it to the coldest setting in order to get goosebumps. 

Julia said you should be “literally freezing” because when you get goosebumps, your “hair will start to protrude from the hair follicle”. 

She went on: “The hair stands up, so when you shave it, you shave all the way down as far as possible.

“And when you’re all nice and warm after your shower, your skin will be so smooth. There will be no stubble anywhere… You’re welcome, happy shaving.”

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In the caption, TikTok user @jigglyjulia added: “my secret shaving tip lol”. 

People were quick to comment, with some saying it was a great trick to use. 

“Waittt that’s genius,” one person shared as a second chimed: “THIS IS SO SMART OMG”.

While a third said they did this technique “all the time”. 

But others weren’t as sure as one person pointed out: “it seems smart in theory but but it’s razor burn hell unfortunately”. 

Another said: “do NOT do this guys, everytime i shave when i get goosebumps, my legs are in AGONY its so painful during and after u shave”.

“Sounds like razor burn though it hurts more to shave with goosebumps,” followed by a sad face emoji. 

While another shared: “but won’t you also shave your goosebumps off if you do.”

According to Dr. Hadley King, who spoke to, you shouldn’t shave over goosebumps.

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“Shaving over them will increase the risk of cutting yourself and causing irritation,” she explained. 

“Spend about ten minutes in warm water to help soften the outer layer of the skin to make it easier to remove hair.”

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