You've been squeezing your lemons all wrong… the right way gives loads of juice & you won't have to buy new utensils | The Sun

WHEN life gives you lemons you either make a refreshing homemade lemonade, add them to a salad dressing or a zesty pudding.

Whatever it is that you've decided to whip up, you'll most likely need to squeeze the juice out of it – and now the internet's going wild over a hack that promises to make it a breeze.

The life trick, which was shared on TikTok, has already gone viral, racking up close to a whopping 2million views in just a week – so will you give it a go?

The best part? Not only is it easy peasy – lemon squeezy, but there's also no need to fork out for expensive kitchen gadgets or utensils.

According to Anna Lanier (@annalanier2), who regularly posts various tips online, all you need is a pair of kitchen tongs.

''This is an old restaurant secret. Grab tongs when you're trying to squeeze a lemon.''

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Demonstrating the hack in the clip, the foodie went on to claim: ''It doesn't hurt your hands, it's easy.

''Then you rotate it and then you get just as much juice – take a look!''

But whilst some insisted that it would be more effective purchasing a lemon squeezer, others flocked to comments to show support and thank for the hack.

''I like this idea for multipurposing one tool,'' penned one viewer who reckoned this would help with minimising the clutter.

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''I’m going to do that. Thank you!'' another was keen to give it a go.

''Forget about that just roll on the counter with a little pressure then cut and squeeze it’s easy,'' someone else shared their recommendation.

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A fourth suggested another top tip: ''And microwave it for 15-20 seconds first.''

However, if you're not convinced by this trick, recently one woman claimed you can get the juice out without even cutting this citrus fruit first.

The hack was shared by TikTok user @spicednice – whose name is Farrah J, according to her profile.

She said the hack is perfect for when you need "just a bit of lemon juice" so you don't have to cut open the entire fruit.

"You can just roll it until it softens," she said.

She showed herself rolling the fruit across a counter, softening the inside.

As she squeezed the fruit in her hand, she revealed it had softened.

Farrah then said to "pierce a skewer through the bottom."

She showed a clip of herself putting a wooden skewer through the bottom of the fruit.

"Once you remove that skewer, it's ready to squeeze," she told her TikTok followers.

She then showed a clip of how she squeezed the fruit, and lemon juice came easily out of the hole where she poked the skewer.

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"It's mess free, there are no seeds, and that's why it's my favorite lemon hack," she said.

Farrah said she learned the hack when she saw "How to Make Sushi" and it "changed her life."

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