You've got the eyes of a hawk if you can solve these festive brain-teasers in 20 seconds – are you up to the challenge? | The Sun

FANCY testing your eyesight with some fun autumnal brain-teasers?

You've got the eyes of a hawk if you can solve each one in 20 seconds or less – but they're not as easy as you might thing.

The autumnal challenges were created by Hiatt Hardware to celebrate the countdown to Christmas.

So, can you find the jolly decorations hidden within all of these Christmas scenes? 

Why not time yourself and see how fast you can solve them all, then get your friends to do the same?

Once you're done, scroll down to find all of the answers.



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You have the eyes of a hawk if you spot the hidden owl in less than 10 seconds

Can you spot all the 10 green baubles hidden on this tree? It’s harder than it looks.

Somewhere on this very festive Christmas tree there are 10 green baubles, but they blend in so well to the tree that they're pretty tricky to spot.

Think you're up to the challenge?

Don't be distracted by the other decorations and bows and count all 10 to be the champion.

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Eight snowmen are enjoying the snow in this Christmassy scene, but can you find them all?

Ready for snow? Somewhere in this icy image are eight snowmen – some of them are easier to find than others.

Look into the distance to make sure you don't miss any, and don't forget to check the roof.

10 jolly gingerbread men are hiding in this kitchen, can you find them?

Who doesn't love a tasty gingerbread man at Christmas?

But can you spot the 10 hidden ones in this kitchen scene?

Some of the jolly gingerbread men can be seen without much effort, but others will put your brain to the test.

Can you find all sixteen of the decorative snowflakes in this festive image?

This one might seem simple, but don't let that fool you.

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There are 16 snowflakes in the image, but can you find them all?

Why not set a timer to see how quickly you can solve it?


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