14 Celebs Who Dished On What They're Cooking For Thanksgiving

"I'll eat stuffing past the point where it's comfortable just because it tastes so good."

Thanksgiving reigns supreme as one of the most delicious holidays and when it’s time to sit down for the meal, everyone has their favorite dish. There’s never a shortage of tasty sides, decadent desserts and, of course, there’s always the turkey! Even celebrities have a similar menu when it comes to their Thanksgiving day meal. From candied yams to pumpkin pie, some major stars have dished on the things they’re cooking for their Thanksgiving celebration.

Read on to find out these celebrities favorite Thanksgiving dishes…

1. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes has been carrying on one of her family’s Thanksgiving traditions for years, no matter where in the world she may be. The actress says her mom makes pumpkin bars each year and even if she’s away traveling on the holiday, she’s sure to make them too.

“My mom started a tradition where she makes these amazing pumpkin bars — almost like a pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting, but it’s not too spicy. In my family we travel so much and we’re constantly living in hotels, so my daughter and I have been in the living room of the hotel with powdered sugar going everywhere making this to keep up the tradition. They’re really gooey and moist,” Katie told Access Hollywood.

2. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is a big fan of making Thanksgiving desserts and says she’s the one bringing the pies to the party. Meanwhile, the rest of her family covers the main meal — from the turkey all the way to the buttered carrots.

“I always make pies for Thanksgiving. I’m the pie girl. I love rhubarb pie, I love apple pie and pumpkin pie and blackberry pie — but sometimes that mixes with the rhubarb into one [pie],” she told WWD. “My dad does really good stuffing and all of the meat, and my mom is the best for buttered carrots and cranberry Jell-O, or whatever you call it. Bella does dessert. Anwar just eats, and I do pie.”

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3. Kristen Bell

Since Kristen Bell is a vegetarian, she says tofurkey is a staple in her Thanksgiving meal. Her parents first started making it when Kristen stopped eating meat and now she continues the tradition each year.

“Tofurkey. It’s a faux turkey that my parents always made for me because I’ve always been a vegetarian. It’s awesome. It’s so great. You’ll have to try it!”  Kristen told InStyle.

4. Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa says she doesn’t actually eat turkey on Thanksgiving following a mishap one year which left her family with a ton of guests and a half raw turkey. Instead, they now focus on other Thanksgiving staples and “protein alternatives.”

“Joaquin is really big on the sage and butter pork chop. He loves it so much! My daughter is more like my people. We like a whipped mashed potato, but we also like a mashed sweet potato. We like anything mashed and carbohydrate,” Kelly said.

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5. Sarah Jessica Parker

For the past 15 years, Sarah Jessica Parker says she and her family are sure to have  pumpkin pies from New York’s Little Pie Company on their Thanksgiving table. The family actually loves the pies so much, they order as many as possible — and sometimes run out of places to store them!

“We put them on the floor of the laundry room or in the back of a minivan where it’s cold. We put them outside because they don’t fit in the fridge, and we eat the pies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My daughter, Tabitha, goes crazy for them,” Sarah Jessica told People.

6. Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner’s Thanksgiving meal tradition was started by her grandmother Exie, who always made a sweet potato pudding. The actress explained that her family carries on the tradition of the side dish — which is practically a dessert.

“We always make my grandmother Exie’s sweet potato pudding with marshmallows roasted on top. It is sweet and gooey and hardly even counts as a vegetable by the time we’re through but it is our family’s big-time, forever tradition,” Jennifer told Modern Mom.

7. Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon is always guaranteed a delicious Thanksgiving meal because her mother is a gourmet chef! Each year she makes incredible candied yams and helps deep fry the turkey.

“My mom’s candied yams…She’s like a gourmet chef, so she’s amazing. She has these little mini marshmallows that are roasted on the top that are so good. And you know what the key is about a turkey? Deep-frying it. It’s so yummy. It’s the way to go,” Laura shared with InStyle.

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8. Tamera Mowry

Each year, Tamera Mowry makes her famous garlic mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. She shared that part of the secret to her great potatoes is whipping it with real butter and milk.

“I have been making my garlic mashed potatoes for about 10 years. And everyone loves them because I put real butter in it and whip it up with some milk. I’m telling my secret. I can’t tell my secret,” Tamera said in an interview with Hip Hollywood.

9. Tori Spelling

All of Tori Spelling’s family contribute to the meal on Thanksgiving! While Tori’s green bean bundles wrapped in bacon have become her staple item, her children have found their own specialties.

“Stella has great skills in the kitchen. She usually bakes all the desserts. Liam, our picky eater, will try anything as long as he’s had a hand in preparing the dish, which is great. Hattie and Finn try to help but usually end up snacking the whole time. And Jack is my best taster. [Dean is] Canadian, so he introduced poutine in a fun kid-approved presentation, potato bug poutine. And he has a famous stuffing that he makes with bagels instead of bread. It’s delicious!” Tori shared with People.

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10. Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari has released quite a few of her own cookbooks so she says she pulls her Thanksgiving meal ideas from her own collection of recipes!

“I’m gonna be doing the stuffing that’s in the book [and] the gluten-free and dairy-free pecan pie,” she told Us Weekly. “I’m gonna do the spicy deviled eggs as an appetizer and I’m gonna do the apple pie from True Roots, the butternut squash mash and then the crispy brussels sprouts. So, quite a lot of stuff!”

11. Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones’s family makes stuffing on Thanksgiving with a recipe that’s been passed down for generations. She says it’s so good, it guarantees she’ll be home for the holiday, no matter where she is.

“Stuffing! We have this incredible, really old recipe in my family that makes me come home no matter where I am. I’ll eat stuffing past the point where it’s comfortable just because it tastes so good,” Rashida shared with InStyle.

12. Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland’s favorite Thanksgiving dish actually comes from Beyoncé’s mom, Tina Lawson. She says that Tina often makes truffle macaroni and cheese and it’s now one of her Thanksgiving staples.

“It would probably be my Mama T’s, she makes truffle macaroni and cheese that’s pretty sensational,” Kelly said in an interview with Access Hollywood.

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13. Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts loves Thanksgiving food so much that she sometimes makes the side dishes year round. But above all, her favorite part of the meal is stuffing.

“On Thanksgiving we always just have a big feast. Stuffing is my favorite food in the world! I actually have been known to go buy stuffing and make it in the middle of summer,” she admitted.

14. Nicki Minaj

What Nicki Minaj cooks on Thanksgiving depends on who she’s celebrating with. She once explained that she has different meal preferences depending if she’s with her American family or Trinidadian family.

“It depends on if it’s an American Thanksgiving, then I’d love some collard greens, some mac and cheese, stuffing and turkey. But if it’s a Trini Thanksgiving, then I want the same thing I always want, which is curry chicken, roti, oxtails. The same old thing that we always eat,” Nicki said.

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