Women are taught to worry about cellulite – but I flaunt mine in skimpy thongs

It's completely normal to have cellulite, even though women often worry about it.

So one lass is on a mission to show there's no need to fret, as most people have it. In fact, she flaunts hers in skimpy thongs to prove how gorgeous it can be.

Sophie Louise Hughes, AKA Soph With Love to her over 49,000 Instagram followers, is known for celebrating her bod – and she's now thriving as a curve model since gaining weight. She now spends her time helping other women to feel confident in their skin too.

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The pink-haired beauty recently shared two pictures side-by-side – one showed what her body looked like posed, and the other showed what she looked like relaxed.

In the pictures you can see how easy it is to hide lumps and bumps by using simple tricks like posing. But she's told people she's proud to show off her cellulite – no matter what some may think.

Sophie is tired of bodies being labelled "disgusting" for not being "perfect", so now she's slipping into skimpy underwear to show hers off. After all, what says confidence more than a leopard print thong?

Writing on Instagram, Sophie said: "You weren’t born insecure. You were taught and conditioned to feel that way by a billion ££ industry that profits on your self hatred.

"We don’t post the image on the right because we were taught that cellulite is disgusting. We don’t see the woman on the right on IG because she doesn’t meet the beauty standard.

"And now we find ourselves in a place where this platform censors any body positive messages because frankly, they don’t sell. But we won’t be quiet.

"Me and this gorge @lemonadedolls leopard number will not be quiet and we are here to tell you that you are ENOUGH at every angle, in every light, that you deserve all the cutest lingerie sets and you deserve to shake your cute little ass cellulite and all."

Since Sophie shared the post several people have liked it, and her followers were quick to comment too. People think it's "amazing" how she works to promote real women's bodies on social media.

One person said: "A world of self love not self loathing! P.s I have this set! Gorgeous!" Another wrote: "This is what I talk about on my account. I’m hoping to reach more women and in the process love myself!"

A third replied: "This is so amazing."

In the past, Sophie admitted she thought her "modelling career was over" when she jumped from a size 6 to a size 16. It turns out it was just the beginning for the pink-haired beauty, as now she's absolutely killing it as a model.

She took 12 months off modelling after she went up a few sizes, but now you'd never think she was conscious of getting back in front of the camera. She looks super stunning and totally confident, and her life has changed in so many ways since she gained weight.

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