15 Reasons Why Pippa Middleton’s Future Child Will Never Get Special Treatment

Children are unique beings that require a lot of effort to be put into them to ensure that a good person comes from your teachings. A child is much like someone who’s not fully developed and it requires special efforts to ensure that that individual will be a good human being. This means that the child cannot be treated in any special way, as in you can’t have the kid go around and hit someone and get away with it just because their aunt is a princess. That would be special treatment, this is something that Pippa  Middleton does not like. It’s is also a reason as to why she will not allow her child to have special treatment. Special treatment is one thing that has always been a debate in the act of raising children.  Some people believe that children should be only nurtured, others believe that there should only be the environment that is an aspect of how the person turns out later in life.

This post is not something that she should do, but rather what we assume she will do. It’s rather an idea of the way she might go about not allowed for a child to have special treatment for the reasons that are going to be described. The idea that Pippa Middleton is going to raise her child without any special treatment is reality because most parents want their children to turn out very interesting and polite instead of a snob.

15 They will have to act on their own mindset while on the playground

The children of Pippa Middleton are going to need to be their own free-thinkers in life. This is more than true for the playground. Think about it, where’s the one place when you were a kid where your personality really developed? It was on the playground. It’s the place where a child has the time to develop. On the playground, the child is alone and has to fend for themselves, to some extent. This is why the playground is the best place to observe how a child is going to act and how they truly feel about things.

The interesting thing about the child of Middleton is that it’s going to have to go through this as well. However, her kid isn’t going to be that snob on the playground that we all hated as a kid. Her kid is going to be more caring because of how she’s going to grow up. She’ll be growing up with the mindset that she’s important but needs to be a kind human being it’s the right thing to do. (Source: BabyGaga)

14 Her kids aren’t going to be under a bunch of stress from the public

While the child will be near the royal family from time to time, she will not be followed by as many cameras as they are. The simple fact is that she’s not a royal and isn’t a direct family member to them but is rather related through marriage of non-immediate family member. The kid’s life is going to have some following in the public and that’s completely normal. The mother is well-known and her sister married a prince, so that means that Kate will always spend more time in the limelight.

The public tends to stress kids out, specifically kids that are related to famous people or have some connection to the people in the industry and is well-known to the world. These kids can sometimes act out as a response to the deep stress that roots itself into their lives. They can also sometimes just hate the way their lives are. Naturally, some individuals don’t like the world of fame and want to be an average human being. Pippa Middleton isn’t going to have as much coverage as her family member. She’ll have some but nowhere near the same amount. (Source: BabyGaga)

13 They’re just like everyone else

The main thing that divides people is when someone thinks they are better than another group of people for whatever reason. In most cases, they are exactly the same and actually just do things differently but allow the action to result in the same consequence. Some people think that they’re better than others for several reasons such as intelligence, fame, money and how well they think their life is going.

Everybody is technically the same. We’re all born and we all die, hence the saying “we all lose the game of life eventually.” With this ideology in mind, any child will come to the realization on their own that there’s nothing they can do about the people around them but they can treat them well. When someone is treated well and feels like they’re equal because they actually are equal to everyone else on an evolutionary scale. The child of Pippa Middleton will know this because she is going to be made aware of the world around her, whether she likes it or not. It’s something that’s quite important in life and happens no matter what, to everyone, as long as they’re not sheltered their entire life. Middleton’s kid is not going to be sheltered her entire age because of who she has to talk to, some of the most well-known people are going to be giving her advice, all the time throughout her life.

12 The child will have playmates from all age ranges

We know that the kid’s going to be hanging around with other kids on the playground and will, of course, be made aware of who they are related too and who they are in the world. This would mean that all of these kids are going to be taught a bunch of things, mostly the same but will all have different interpretations of it. This means that they’ll all eventually talk and even have to actively learn so that they can provide advice to others.

Having playmates of all ages is incredibly important, it allows for an individual to really develop and mature. It even allows someone to see how things used to be done and how they can be done now. For a child, this is a very important aspect as they don’t always get the development that they need. If they don’t get it, they stay stagnant in one area and never move on past that type of person that they hang out. Children are heavily influenced by their environment, this is why some people who live among other kinds of people can sometimes become a lot like them. Having playmates not only allows a child to develop naturally but also enables them to handle people who aren’t moving on. This can create a ripple effect in society. (Source: EOnline)

11 the family relations

The family is generally supposed to treat each other pretty well. It’s frowned upon in society to go ahead and start hating on someone, especially a family member who might have more or less money or even anything for that matter. The family is an important concept that has kept people together because of the intense strains that mankind has gone through. This is why people argue that family has to always come first. It’s a community of people who share genetics, emotional feelings and of course, a household with you. These people aren’t supposed to get messed over by one of their own, it just feels wrong when it happens too.

Two family members that are pretty close together in every possible sense are Pippa and Kate Middleton. They are connected by a bond only siblings can understand. They can be seen walking around and hanging out together. Pippa even went ahead and helped out on the biggest day of Kate’s life, when she got married to a royal family member! The likelihood of their children following in their footsteps is pretty possible. It’s a real possibility because they’re going to be growing up in the environment of loving one’s self but also doing stuff for the greater good of the family. (Source: EOnline)

10 they will know powerful people

We already know that her kid is going to know some pretty powerful people in the world. We also know that the kid might feel more important than others due to that fact, however the parents will be sure to make their children know that they are not more important than others. They have to make sure that just because their child knows someone who is powerful and famous, that does not mean that they are more important than another human life.

Since the child is going to learn quite quickly that they know some pretty powerful people that are kind of relatives in their lives now, they will need to act mature and not bring them up every two seconds of their life. They need to be free thinkers in this world, without that concept pushed into their minds, they are going to inevitably act like a little child and try to threaten those who don’t submit to their every whim.

9 It’s possible that the child is going to learn what the average person’s life is like

Some parents who are very wealthy will do something like send their kids to a public school. This is done to make sure the kid knows that not everyone in this world lives an easy life like they do. Famous children of just some wealthy children, in general, don’t ever actually go through this reality. The reality of the family living paycheck to paycheck and having to move around bills just so they can eat for the month. It is something that a lot of children wish other, richer kids can understand. It is an unfortunate reality for many people all over the world.

The reason Pippa’s child might understand this reality is simple. The mother might take the route of other wealthy families and make her attend a public school for one, then hang out with friends, which will just naturally tell them what their life is truly like. Once those two things happen, and the kid gets hit with the hard bat of reality, they start to comprehend how survival is a pretty hard thing.

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8 They need to know that they have money

Being a wealthy person is often stereotyped as someone who can flaunt their wealth to do whatever it is that they want in life. They’re seen as the snobs of society who might say, when in third class on a plane, “they have me in third class with the peasants.”  These people are generally hated because of them just being snobby and not realizing that people tend to actually work for their money in a different fashion than they do. Not everyone has the same amount of money, some careers pay better than others.

Anyone even remotely related to a royal family needs to understand how well off they truly are. This goes for the child of Pippa Middleton as well. Pippa alone has got some fat stacks and that should be a wake-up call for the kid since most people don’t have fat stacks at all, they have little stacks that not many people want. When a kid is more aware of where they stand in the social sphere and how much money their families actually have, they can come across as socially aware, compassionate and honest. People need to start putting their money where their mouth is when they are rich instead of shoving it into the faces of others who just don’t have the same amount of money. It’s an important stepping stone for the kid though.

7 they will know their mother did not always have it easy

It’s an obvious fact that the mother of this unborn child has not yet found herself with everything that she wanted in life. If she did get everything she wanted, then, we’d all dislike her because she would come off as more than a whiny rich kid. Life kicks everyone down and that is a milestone because it’s a point in time where so many people realize that the world is always trying to chew you up and spit you out. No one can get everything they want, it’s just not realistic to think that or even try it. Pippa Middleton has gotten a lot in her life but not everything she has ever wanted.

This really is kind of like a tradition at this point in time for the world. Most parents want their kids to not get everything they want so they can learn to work and have some financial know-how in this so very unstable world that we all live in. It’s a difficult task since most kids just say “I want it and I need it” but in reality, they can live without that toy because they already have a room that’s full of toys. Not getting everything that one wants is seriously important for a child and Pippa seems to understand that to some extent, that’s why she hasn’t fully come out and said this kid will get everything.

6 pippa the runner up

Living the life of a runner-up sucks. You’re always compared to the person that everyone thinks is better than you. You never really get to show off what you’re good at. Everyone always discredits any evidence suggesting that you’re good and that the person ahead of you has made an error. It’s a flawed system that just kind of happens to kids because their parents feel that they need to make their kids as best as they can be, so they create what one can argue is a competition to make some great human beings with little effort in the end.

The mother of this child is sometimes called the runner-up of the family since she didn’t marry a royal but that’s okay. The kid needs to come to the realization that a runner-up isn’t a bad person but someone who might just be dealing with some competition, but even then, it does not mean that the person who comes in second is actually worth less. It’s just sometimes people have an easier time than others. It’s an act that’s done out of love but also one that can be brutal for most people. Comprehending that calling someone that isn’t a nice thing is important because it’s incredibly insulting to call someone that when they aren’t. (Source: CelebsNow)

5 education is very important

Education is kind of important for anyone. The idea that education is incredibly important is a fact. You need it to learn how to do good things in this world, things that you want to do and it even allows you to know what you like doing. It’s important because, for so many years, people didn’t really get a good education and now kids can get a decent education. It’s an important thing in people’s lives, possibly even one of the most important parts of people’s lives.

The mother of this unborn child is one of the people who actually finished up their education. She worked hard for her degree and uses her knowledge from the courses she has taken throughout her educational career in life. Her kids are going to have to get themselves an education as well. They cannot just go around and not learn stuff, especially in school. Education is really going to separate them from a lot of wealthy people who never actually got a degree or anything like that. Many wealthy people just got lucky and never actually went ahead and finished up school, this might be why they think they’re better than other people. This won’t happen with the kids if Pippa because she seems to love education and will make sure that her kids love it too. (Source: Vix)

4 She doesn’t want her kids to be freeloaders in life

Not many people like freeloaders in their lives. In some cases, they can be a bit of a burden for many people since they just kind of take but don’t produce anything. Some people can even go as far as to consider those people to be the greatest troubles of life. When kids learn to be freeloaders in life, they tend to be lazy all the time. They learned it from someone and they don’t even try to do some decent work but would rather do nothing with their time, choosing instead to just sit around.

Pippa Middleton is the type of person that just wants her kid to just work really hard in life. If they work hard in life they will not be considered a freeloader. It’s obviously not a positive term to be considered that and is pretty derogatory. So, instead, her ideology as a parent is to teach her children to the old-aged concept of extremely hard work. When someone works hard, they’re just considered a better person and can technically have way more opportunities in life than someone who is lazy and doesn’t like to work hard for their money.

3 The child needs to always be on their best behavior

Parents in general always like when their kids are well behaved. We’ve said it before, it makes the parent look more than competent and makes the kid look educated, aware, complex and just interesting in a general sense. These kids are also some that are capable of helping people since they are not just acting out all of the time. When a child who acts out all of the time is compared to one that’s well behaved, the difference is too large and the kids seem like different beings as a whole.

Any family members of someone who’s an indirect family member of the royal family needs to also be on their best behavior. This is obvious for the immediate family of the royals but also for the friends and distant relatives of them. It’s like this because of the mindset of many people who seem to live by the rules of guilty by association. If that’s the reality of the situation, then it can make any royal family member look bad, so, it’s best if everyone in connection is just acting like a civilized human being. Connections to them are widespread and it’s an honorable thing. Since it’s honorable, everyone within that connection needs to act like they are hard workers and extremely eloquent. (Source: UselessDaily)

2 the child has to be ambitious in  life

Pippa Middleton is a pretty ambitious woman. She’s without a doubt a hard worker but also someone who wanted to be in her current position. She wanted to partake in the entertainment industry and has done a wonderful job doing so. She’s not the average entertainer either. She’s an author among other things. Her books have really made a lot of people fall in love with her writing. Her ambitious activities are just one reason why she’s been successful up to this point in her life and why she’s always striving to continue to be a better human being.

This is why the child of Pippa needs to also do ambitious things with their life. While many dream to be a big star or just be well-known within the world for anything that they can do, it’s better to be a kid that is well-known for their work at a young age. This can kind of set them up for success later in life. It’s a truly fascinating thing to see when it is happening first hand. It’s awesome because of how dedicated kids can be to their newfound passion. This is especially true when compared to an adult who has just gotten into the passion. (Source: UselessDaily)

1 The child is going to know how valuable life is

So many people around the world are not capable of valuing the life of human beings. Human beings are generally considered as two things: beautiful or the parasites of earth. We’re beautiful because we have the ability to do amazing things that no other being that we currently know of can do. We’re a parasite because we tend to destroy everything we touch. Within the fine line between beauty and being a parasite, you find the people that take life for granted. These people don’t want to die but don’t really care what happens to everything around them. They’re the edgy people that are currently in style on the internet.

Pippa Middleton doesn’t want her kid to be one of those people who just go around and take everything for granted, especially in concerns of human life. That’s easily one of the most important things to humanity, it basically makes up humanity as we know it. When someone respects how a human being can live and actually react to a certain situation, they instantly become more of how well off they are in their own life. This would then enable them to be more polite to those who are from different walks of life, and it can perhaps, even allow them to become friends.

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