9 Best gymnastics bars for kids in 2023 UK | The Sun

GYMNASTICS is a fun way for kids to stay active around the home, and mats, beams and the best gymnastics bars are readily available online.

The best gymnastics bars for kids will appeal to the wannabe gymnast-in-training, the child who wants to gain upper body strength or the one who can't sit still.

Good news: there is a huge range of at-home gymnastics bars you can buy online to cater to your space, your child's interests and your budget.

If you have a budding gymnast, but are short on space, you may want to invest in kid-friendly parallettes – these are brilliant for handstand training, won't take up a lot of room, and can build up upper body strength in an impressive, but safe, way.

If you've got the space – and the inclination – gymnastics kip bars and high bars are also available online.

Some come with mats (convenient so you don't need to buy these separately), while others could just turn your home into a playground of sorts.

Look out for gymnastics bars with swings and gymnastics jungle gyms – perfect for all kids, not just those keen on the sport.

Instead of spending hours trawling online, have a browse through our round-up of the best gymnastics bars for kids in 2023.

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