5 MOST COMMENTED STORIES: Gillian Keegan's rant to Meghan's 'comeback'

MOST COMMENTED: The stories that REALLY got you talking this week, from Gillian Keegan’s rant, to a new theory about the afterlife and Meghan’s Hollywood ‘comeback’

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You can always count on the Mail commenters to tell you exactly what they think. That’s why, we’re bringing you a summary of the most commented topics and stories this week. 

Whether it’s a highly divisive topics driving furious debate, or our readers sharing insightful advice and anecdotes to others, you’ll find here the most popular topics that got you all talking. 

1. People on sickness benefits may be forced to look for jobs as Welfare budget due to be slashed by BILLIONS

Welfare budget cuts: Mr. Stride launched a consultation last night that could lead to the guidelines being changed or scrapped altogether

A heated debate took place amongst MailOnline readers in our most commented story this week, after the government revealed it’s plans to dramatically reduce the £26 billion welfare budget. 

The cuts could mean that the one million Britons currently claiming sickness and disability benefits for conditions like anxiety and mobility could be forced back into the workplace. 

While individuals with terminal illnesses and severe disabilities will be protected, the move has generated a huge backlash from both disability groups and individuals suffering from the aforementioned health issues that the government clearly perceives to be more minor. 

You said: The top rated comments argued that the Welfare cuts are ‘long overdue,’ yet others countered furiously that these cuts would be better off elsewhere other than from sickness benefits, and the fact that the government think certain conditions like anxiety aren’t serious enough is ‘mind-blowingly ignorant.’

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2. Meghan’s big ‘Hollywood comeback’ as she mingles with the Kardashians at Beyoncé’s birthday concert

Kerry Washington, Kelly Rowland and Meghan Markle at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles last night

Meghan got you all talking in the comments this week, after she was spotted at Beyoncé’s Renaissance concert, not once but twice, where she could be seen mingling with A-listers like Katy Perry, the Kardashians, Lizzo, Chris Rock, Adele and the Biebers at Beyoncé’s 42nd birthday concert.

You said: Many of you questioned ‘what Hollywood comeback? She was never there so nothing to go back too.’

You also thought hanging out with the most publicised family in the world right now in the ‘VIP pit’ was an interesting choice for the Duchess, after she has repeatedly claimed to want ‘privacy.’

Others speculated that a Kardashian x Sussex collaboration could be in the works, with one commenter saying ‘The Meg and Kim show is coming soon!’

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3. Gillian Keegan’s rant about not getting credit for doing a ‘f**king good job’ caught on camera

Heads have responded to Gillian Keegan’s (pictured) extraordinary attack by stressing their job is to focus on children’s learning, not search for Raac in buildings

Education Secretary Gillian Keegan was forced to apologise this week after she was caught ranting on camera that no-one was giving her praise for her work. Her comments come during the ongoing concrete crisis that has been causing chaos across the country. 

You said: The irony was certainly not lost on our community, who suggested that she (and her much beleaguered party) would be wise to start actually doing a good job in order to be complimented for it. 

Many commenters found Keegan’s language to be unacceptable, calling for her to resign. However many readers argued that the swearing is not the issue, pointing out that if it was a man captured in the clip, there would be ‘no problem with it.’ One commenter went on to liken Keegan’s outburst to a ‘a football manager rant.’ This was a popular opinion with readers, generating lots of upvotes in the comments. 

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4. A theoretical physicist who claimed the concept of life after death is IMPOSSIBLE went viral after an old clip resurfaced online 

It’s an age-old question – what happens after death? According to one US scientist – not much at all. Stock image used

It’s the age-old question – what happens to your mind and body after you die? The debate was reopened again this week, when a recently resurfaced video of a talk on the afterlife by theoretical physicist Sean Carroll went viral. 

The academic – an external professor at Johns Hopkins University crushed all hope for an eternal-paradise after death, by claiming that there is ‘no need to study the life after death conundrum any further, as it is inherently incompatible with our theory of how life happens on a physical level.’

You said: While some commenters felt this depressing theory made sense, most readers were keen to challenge this rather bleak outlook. The most popular comment with other readers argued that ‘Physics is not a done thing.’ They went on say that ‘as highly respected scientists have always claimed, “that the more we know the more we realise just how little we do understand.” Physics and astrophysics are constantly uncovering and discovering things they have yet to understand.’

Another reader flagged that this theory ‘does not solve or explain other supernatural phenomena like ghosts.’

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5. Joe Jonas filing for divorce from Sophie Turner after 4 years of marriage 

 Sophie Turner enjoyed a wild night out in England over the weekend amid claims her ‘partying took a toll on her marriage’ to Joe Jonas 

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner shocked the showbiz world when they announced their split via Instagram, with documents stating that their relationship is ‘irretrievably broken.’ 

As with any celebrity divorce, speculation was afoot in the comments this week, after a source revealed that Sophie Turner felt trapped in the marriage and regretted ‘missing out’ on her youthful, carefree years by having two children at a young age. This view was enforced by a series of photos showing Sophie out ‘partying’ and drinking in Birmingham.

It was then alleged by TMZ that the official divorce filing was triggered by something that Jonas witnessed on the on their Ring security camera outside their home, although exactly what this entailed is not clear. Matters were confused even further when Joe Jonas was spotted wearing his wedding ring again, after it being clearly absent in recent photos. 

You said: many of you were suspicious of what seems to be a one-sided smear campaign against Sophie, with one reader speculating that Jonas is playing ‘the wrong strategy’ and another that ‘his camp REALLY wants you to think this is all her fault.’

You were also largely in support of Sophie, feeling that she is being unfairly criticised for going out and having a drink to celebrate the end of filming her new TV series, Joan.  

In response to claims she was drinking ‘£6.50 cocktails’ on the night out, one reader hilariously quipped ‘where is she drinking £6.50 cocktails? Asking for a friend.’ 

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