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DEAR DEIDRE: A MAN has got in touch with me on Facebook to say he believes he’s my brother. I feel utterly shocked.

Now I want a DNA test to prove if he’s telling the truth.

I’m 60 and this man is 64. My mother died several years ago, so I can’t ask her.

He says a woman with the same name as my mum’s is on his birth certificate.

He says he was adopted, but only started looking into his birth family when his adoptive parents died.

The dates would work – my mum met my dad a year after this man was born. Plus, he does look a bit like me.

But I’m finding it hard to believe my mum would keep something like this a secret all her life.

She would have been 17 when he was born.

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There’s nobody left from my mother’s generation to ask.

Can a DNA test show if two men have the same birth mother?

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DEIDRE SAYS: A sibling test can confirm whether two people are related, or share one or both parents but is not as conclusive as paternity testing.

It can only provide a statistical likelihood, not a conclusive result.

Contact a reputable DNA testing company like Cellmark (cellmark.co.uk, 0800 470 2521).


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Being an unmarried mother was shameful 64 years ago. Perhaps that’s why this was kept secret.

Take your time to process this information and talk to someone you trust for support.

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