Aldi launches energy-saving Specialbuys range

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With the rising cost of household bills, investing in low cost solutions can help minimise use of expensive, large household appliances.

Aldi ‘Heat your home for less’ range

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Aldi has released a range of products to help shoppers cut down on spending amidst the rise in energy costs. The range includes heaters, hot water bottles, insulating materials and electric blankets, plus it’s affordable.

In line with growing costs, Aldi is now selling a range of products that help save on energy and cut down on household bills.

The range includes heated blankets, thermometers, hot water bottles and heated airer, covering all bases when it comes to creating and containing heat in the home.

The range is available to pre-order on the Aldi website from the 3rd of January, and launches in stores from 8th of January.

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The products included in the range cost from just 7p an hour to run, as the supermarket is focusing on reducing the impact of everyday running costs on bills.

With Aldi known for affordable prices, the items start from £2.99 for the pipe wrap, which insulates pipes and protects them from extreme weather.

Full range includes:

-Multi-layer foil insulation £69.99

-Heated throw £34.99

-Electric blanket king £29.99

-Electric under blanket single £19.99

-Infrared thermometer £16.99

-Electric stove £59.99

-Heated airer £39.99

-Oil filled radiator £34.99

-Electric under blanket double £24.99

-Stove fan £17.99

-Multilayer wrap/radiator reflector £12.99

-Long hot water bottle £8.99

-Heated neck wrap £8.99

-Unibond expanding foam solution £6.99

-Hot water bottle £5.99

-Double draft excluder £4.99

-Aluminium foil tape £3.99

-Pipe wrap £2.99

Some of the stand-out products from the range include the electric underblankets, which come in single, double and king sizes, all of which cost under £30, plus on the very affordable end of the range, the foot warmers and hot water bottles are likely to be big hits with savvy shoppers.

The insulating products in the range are handy for keeping heat in. The double draught excluder is a door seal that locks air into the room and helps avoid heat escaping, and the Six Layer Multi-Layer Foil Insulation reduces heat loss through wall linings, floorboards and loft space.

Aldi’s heated airer has been popular with shoppers in the past, with the previous stock selling out and the restock likely to be just as popular.

Although the new range is launching in stores later in the week, if shoppers want to ensure they are able to get their hands on the products, they can pre-order online from the 3rd of January.

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