Another man creates billboard to find date inspired by Mark Rofe's success

Last month, Mark Rofe had the idea to erect a massive billboard to find a date. It went viral and thousands of applications rolled in.

Mark is now going on dates with a chosen few and his success has inspired another man to give it a try.

Andrew Gaskell, from Chester, heard about Mark’s idea on the radio and when he read more about his success, he decided to follow his lead.

Yesterday, his billboard, which he designed himself, went up on Regent Road in Salford, where it will stay for four weeks, costing a total of £960.

He’s also created a website with more information about himself and an email and Facebook page for women to get in touch about going for a date.

He tells ‘I thought about it for a day or two because I’m not usually the kind of person who puts myself forward. I’m usually the sort of person who stays in the background.

‘I was quite scared but I saw how it worked for Mark and I thought it could work for me too.

‘I realised I needed to do it now. I don’t want to be the 10th or 20th person to do this, because people won’t care then. I’ve been chatting to Mark on Twitter and he’s been a big help.’

Until yesterday, he hadn’t told anyone else about it, but his mum had actually suggested it after he’d already started making his plan.

Andrew, who doesn’t want to reveal his age, says: ‘I still haven’t told many people – I’ll just wait for them to find out – but I did tell my mum.

‘She wasn’t surprised because when she heard about Mark, she’d sort of said: “You could try doing that”. She had no idea that I had already started setting up my own billboard at that stage.’

The property and recycling business owner says he has tried dating but has never really found a woman he has connected with.

‘I’ve been on quite a few dates through things like online dating, but nothing has ever really worked out,’ he says.

‘I am looking for a long term relationship and a lady that I just have that spark with.

‘I don’t have a particular kind of woman in mind but I think you just know when you meet someone.’

Andrew is open to meeting anyone in the UK and says he would even travel abroad if he feels he has met someone special.

As an Aquarius, he does note that the most compatible people are those with the star signs Aries, Gemini, Libra or Sagittarius and the least compatible are Taurus and Scorpio.

Mark received over 2,000 applications in his first few weeks of the billboard campaign and Andrew says he’s not sure he’ll get as many, but hopes there will be enough for him to arrange some special dates.

He plans to shift through each one and narrow it down to the ones he likes best to go on a few dates with.

Describing himself as ‘intelligent, open minded, sincere and unconventional’, Andrew is 6ft tall and interested in nature and the outdoors, animals, recycling, charity work and world travel.

If you’d like to go on a date with Andrew, you can get in touch through his website.

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