Bhad Bhabie leaks awkward DM sent to her after man buys her sexy pics

US rapper Bhad Bhabie is known as one of OnlyFans' biggest stars.

However, it seems not everyone is happy with her success.

The 20-year-old signer, who's real name is Danielle Bregoli, took to her Instagram page this week to share a direct message from a woman who was annoyed her boyfriend was subscribed to her page and buying her sexy snaps.

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The rapper shared a screenshot of the message on her Instagram grid, where the woman asked her if she could spill when her boyfriend first signed up.

The message read: "I recently found out my boyfriend of three years has been using OnlyFans.

"He tried telling me it was only once, but I don't believe him.

"Can you tell me when he first subscribed to you please."

Bhad Bhabie didn't seem to have much sympathy for the woman, named Kaylee, though, as she brutally captioned the post: "Tell him thanks for the Birkin" – referring to the pricey handbags.

Despite the post getting 112,000 likes from her 16.2million Instagram fans, the 'Cash Me Outside' star had turned off comments to avoid any backlash.

Bhad Bhabie is one of OnlyFans' highest ever earners – banking a reported $70million (£56million) on the raunchy site, according to her former manager.

The brunette, from Florida in the US, broke an OnlyFans record back in April 2021 after earning $1million within six hours of joining the site just after she turned 18.

She first found fame on TV show Dr Phil back in 2016 after she went viral with her "Cash [sic] me outside, how 'bout that?" catchphrase.

The singer now enjoys a successful music career – becoming the youngest female rap artist to debut on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

However, she's not too bothered on breaking more goals, with the singer recently described as 'living the life of a college student without any classes'.

Talking about her OnlyFans recently, she simply said: "I get new bathing suits or new lingerie and take some pictures.


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