B&M shoppers go wild about new Cadbury flavour spotted on shelves and say it's 'heaven in a chocolate bar' | The Sun

B&M shoppers are going wild about a new Cadbury's flavour that has been spotted on the shelves.

One chocoholic posted a picture of the chocolate bar on social media and it sent dark chocolate fans into a frenzy.

The discounter has bars of Cadbury Bourneville mint crisp in store retailing for £1.35.

Under a post made to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, one fan described the sweet treat as "heaven in a chocolate bar".

Another said: "I've had this a couple of times it's so lovely and very minty".

While a third person added: "I am eating one now, it's lovely".

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We had a look around to see if any other retailers are stocking the mint crisp version of the bar.

At the time of checking, we could not find it stocked in any other high street retailer or large supermarket.

It was listed on the specialist website sweetsandcandy.co.uk for £1.49 which is 10p more expensive than in B&M, it was also listed on eBay for £15.90 for 5 bars.

However, the standard Cadbury Bourneville bar is available in Iceland priced at £1.35 and also in Asda for £2.

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It is always good to shop around the make sure you are getting the best price, you can use websites such as trolley.co.uk to check the prices across different retailers.

Also, it is important to remember that just because something is stocked in one store does not mean that it will be stocked in all, so do check ahead if you plan on making a special trip.

You can find your nearest B&M by using the store locator tool on the website.

The Sun has reached out to Cadbury to find out if the Bourneville mint crisp is expected to be available in any other supermarkets or stores over the forthcoming weeks.

B&M fans have also had shoppers rushing to the shelves for another tasty chocolate treat that is perfect for warming you up in the winter.

While Cadbury has been upsetting some chocolate lovers by discontinuing a popular Christmas treat.

Meanwhile, fans of one iconic Nestle bar have been left devastated after the chocolate giant confirmed it will be discontinuing the popular sweet treat.

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