Breakfast gimp fuels sexual nightmares after bloke dresses up as full English

A bloke dubbed the 'breakfast gimp' fuelled sexual nightmares after he dressed up as a full English.

We have come to know gimps as those who dress up in black latex and even prowl the streets of small villages at night.

However, in 2023, it appears that our common perception of gimps might of had a bit of a rebrand.

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After being invited to a 'British' themed fancy dress party, a bloke decided the only rational thing to do is kit himself out as the iconic breakfast.

Along with a top printed with all the trimmings (mushrooms included), the party goer opted to wear what has been described as a 'gimp mask'.

But this is no regular latex face covering.

Instead, the 'gimp' style mask featured beans, eggs for eyes, a tomato for the nose, bacon for eyebrows and a sausage smile.

He wore a small frying pan with a plastic version of the nosh up as a necklace to finish off his 'British' outfit.

The bloke now dubbed 'breakfast gimp' by Redditors took to the site and shared: "'Full English Breakfast costume for a British themed party.

"Apparently I didn’t quite understand the assignment."

Impressed and equally horrified at his 'British' costume, many people fled to the comments to crown the bloke as the 'breakfast gimp' – and some felt he looked like a 'skinned' Mr. Blobby.

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One person chuckled: "You look like what what would happen if you skinned Mr. Blobby."

Another user added: "Too far mate, too far."

While a third praised: "You understood the assignment perfectly."

Someone else fretted: "Breakfast gimp, new sexual nightmare unlocked."

Meanwhile, a fifth giggled: "It's the egg and beans gimp mask that does it for me."

I don't think we'll be able to look at our breakfast the same way again…


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