Christmas glitter gets everywhere – simple tips to clean up messy decorations

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The festive period is coming up, and along with it, an endless stream of cleanup tasks, that can be even more difficult when dealing with glitter from cards and decorations.

To help those worrying about needing to clean up after Christmas, Aaron Christensen, resident cleaning expert and VP of Growth at Homeaglow, has shared three easy techniques.

He explained: “Glitter appears to get anywhere and everywhere after the flecks have escaped their container, and you’ll likely be finding it in random places for days, weeks, and months after. 

“To help avoid those, ‘Where did that come from?’ moments, there are three ways you can easily clean up glitter from decorations, cards, and gifts from your home.”

Clean up large amounts of glitter effectively using the vacuum and damp paper method.

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Firstly, dampen some kitchen paper and use it to sweep all the sparkles into one pile.

Then, use your vacuum’s nozzle to suck up the entire pile, ensuring you vacuum lightly around the paper to capture any escapees.

Dispose of any loose bits of glitter by folding up the damp paper and following it up with another quick vacuum.

For smaller flakes left behind, try the balloon static trick, which consists of inflating a balloon and rubbing it on the carpet (or your hair) to collect a static charge.

Roll the balloon over the surface you’re cleaning from glitter; it should end up looking like a sparkle-covered sphere.

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Dispose of the balloon by popping it in a sealed plastic bag, or hold it inside the bin and pop.

Ideal for catching stubborn glitter sightings, especially on clothes, are lint rollers.

Ensure your lint roller has a fresh and clean sheet on top and then glide the lint roller over the stubborn glitter or where you’ve spotted it, making sure not to press too deeply.

Repeat the rolling action a couple of times to make sure you’ve picked up all the glitter.

Finally, rip the sticky sheet from the roller, dispose of it, and fold it inwards to prevent any glitter from escaping.

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