Cleaning hack makes your bin smell nice by using slice of bread

A cleaning expert has revealed a nifty hack that could make your bins smell super fresh by using a simple grocery.

The Scottish Sun reports that TikToker Suejalli said if you put a simple slice of bread in the bin it could help to prevent maggots and flies, but some people don't think it's true.

She posted a video in which she talked through the said hack, and it's since attracted over 170,000 likes.

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The 30-second clip shows the social media star as she prepares to empty three waste bins.

In the video, she said: "My mum cleaned her garbage cans so she’s putting some bread in there."

Suejalli told her followers that she soaked each slice of bread in some vinegar.

She added: "It repels maggots and flies. So put it in your garbage cans and then she’s gonna put the bag on top of it."

But the idea didn't go down too well with all her followers, as some people have claimed there are better ways to perform the hack.

Others thought the DIY trick may have the potential to attract flies.

Some commenters said there’s a better way to pull off the hack while others claimed it would only attract more flies.

One person said: "I’ve always just poured the vinegar in and it works."

Another person added: "The raccoons in Jersey – they’ll wait outside for me and chase me if I tried this."

Meanwhile, a third commented: "Y’all crying about 2 little pieces of bread?

"Why would she use a sponge this is so much cheaper."

Someone else claimed they "loved the idea", and said they were going to give it a whirl.

A few days later Suejalli replied to the comments with a follow-up video that showed what the bins looked like after time had passed.

She opened the lids to show that the bread didn't attract any flies.


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