Demi Lovato Goes Grunge, Gets Real About Addiction and Rehab in Autobiographical ‘Skin of My Teeth’

“Demi leaves rehab again/ When is this shit gonna end?”

These are the brutally honest opening lines to Demi Lovato’s new single, “Skin of My Teeth,” which sees the Grammy-nominated singer embracing a pop-punk sound and opening up about their struggle with addiction.

The guitar-heavy track, which bears some sonic resemblance to Hole’s “Celebrity Skin,” gives a grunge twist to the new era of pop-punk that has bubbled up in recent years, with Lovato’s powerhouse vocals urgently conveying their most upfront lyricism yet. “I’m alive by the skin of my teeth/ I survived but it got harder to breathe/ Asking why doesn’t make it easier/ Go easier on me,” Lovato sings in the track’s high-voltage chorus. “God damn it I just want to be free/ But I can’t ’cause it’s a fucking disease.”

Lovato experienced a near-fatal opioid overdose in July 2018, which they discussed at length in the 2021 YouTube docuseries “Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil.” In the doc, Lovato explained that they had become “California sober,” which means still using certain substances — typically alcohol and weed — in moderation. However, Lovato entered rehab again in late 2021 and shared on Instagram that being “California sober” no longer worked for them. In January of this year, Lovato signaled that a new musical era was coming when they posted a photo with the caption “a funeral for my pop music.”

“Skin of My Teeth” is produced by Warren “Oak” Felder and written by Lovato, Alex Niceforo, Keith Sorrells, Laura Veltz and Lil Aaron. Earlier this week, Lovato announced that their eighth studio album, “Holy Fvck,” will release Aug. 19 and follow the heavy musical stylings of “Skin of My Teeth.” Lovato will also tour the album starting in August.

“The process of making this album has been the most fulfilling yet, and I’m grateful to my fans and collaborators for being on this journey with me. Never have I been more sure of myself and my music, and this record speaks that for itself,” Lovato said in a statement. “To my Lovatics who have been rocking out with me since the beginning and those who are just now coming along for the ride, thank you. This record is for you.”

Watch the music video for “Skin of My Teeth” below.

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