Foodie slammed after sharing money trick during cost of living crisis

Foodie divides thousands after sharing her grocery money saving trick during the cost of living crisis

  • A foodie was slammed after saying she decants soy sauce fish into a big bottle
  • Many said it was a waste of time, a waste of plastic and ruins the flavour of soy

A foodie has been slammed after sharing her incredibly frugal trick to help cut costs on groceries amidst the rising cost of living – but some think she has too much time on her hands.

The woman, called Arielle, posted on Facebook, where she explained she keeps all the tiny packets of soy sauce fish she gets with her Asian meals and then decants them into an empty large soy sauce bottle at home.

‘Millionaire mindset,’ Arielle wrote on Facebook alongside pictures of her work.

A woman called Arielle said she keeps all the tiny packets of soy sauce fish she gets and then decants them into a large bottle at home to save money (pictured)

While some were inspired by the idea and wrote things like ‘my grandpa would be proud’ and ‘amazing’, others said life is too short for decanting soy sauce into large bottles.

‘Total time it takes to collect and refill the bottle: one hour. So the person charge him/herself a labour rate of $3 an hour. Less than minimum rate,’ one person wrote.

Another added: ‘How much is my time worth? Oh right, nothing’.

But people were quick to slam her, saying she has too much time on her hands, that it’s a waste of plastic and the quality of soy sauce is bad (her bottle filled with soy sauce fish pictured)

Others claimed it is no good for the soy sauce, as once you open the little fish packet, all of the soy sauce starts to oxidise and it tastes bad:

‘It’s better to just leave it in the packet if you’re going to do that though,’ one commenter wrote. 


Would you do this with soy sauce fish?

Would you do this with soy sauce fish?

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‘Once you decant it, it starts to oxidise so it starts to get stale as well as take on outside properties including off taste.’

Another said the trick doesn’t stack up due to the quality of the soy sauce they use at restaurants:

‘The only thing is that a lot of the “soy” that restaurants give out is that acid-hydrolyzed soy protein junk,’ they said. 

Finally, there were a group of people who said it’s just a waste of plastic:

‘Destroy the planet at all costs mindset,’ one person wrote. 

‘Yeah, let’s just waste all this plastic unnecessarily,’ another said. 

Arielle responded to this, writing: ‘These environmentalists complaining about the plastic waste – I didn’t manufacture the packets, I already got them from sushi restaurants.’

She continued: ‘So if you want to really make a change, perhaps think of a way to address the root cause instead of complaining? In this instance, finding an alternative eco-friendly packet that is not made from plastic, or simply asking customers if they want soy sauce in their takeaway sushi’.

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