Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for November 1

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The start of a new month could turn out to be an important and special time for you. Long-term decisions will be made over the days ahead. These will ultimately lead to some positive change. Joint arrangements will be business, financially or romantically inspired as you get together to agree on important issues.


Someone close is struggling with routine responsibilities. They feel they are having to do more while others are getting away with doing less. Pause and pay attention to what they are actually saying. Taking some of the weight off their shoulders will improve their mood and in turn improve your relationship.


If you really want to keep a loved one happy you might anticipate having to show a stronger degree of patience than usual. This won’t be wasted as the same sort of consideration will be returned later in the month when you need their support or encouragement.



Changes will not be made without you having put a lot of thought and consideration into them. If it is a complete new start in your career you have been working towards, now will be a good time to set your plans in motion.


Something has occurred to cause some tension in a close relationship. You are finding it hard to find some common ground. You used to get on really well together and you will do so again. As November continues, there will be an increased understanding, once again, between you.


Friends and colleagues have a rather cluttered agenda. You struggle with people who cannot organise their days in a sensible way. It may end up with you taking yourself away from the main area of activity so you can concentrate on your own.


You will admit to being attracted to someone’s easy-going charm and it will feel good to be able to relax in their company. Just be careful about committing too heavily to this relationship as further down the line you might find them a bit too carefree and unreliable for your liking.


Someone from your past will be in touch. It will feel good to discuss old times but it won’t stop there. More exciting will be the future times you start planning together. A conversation with a neighbour will be revealing when they mention an aspect of their life you hadn’t been aware of.


It doesn’t matter how much effort you make and how much time you give it, a certain issue in your life is not showing any signs of improving. In addition to this you won’t be able to believe the rubbish some people are telling you and this too is preventing you from getting the job done.


Your skills are needed in various situations. Others are grateful for your contribution to group efforts and you will love serving your community in a practical way. Even so, for the sake of your health, you might want to make space in your life for some relaxation.


Sharing interesting and imaginative ideas will lead to you making some exciting joint plans for the future. Your work and career area is starting to take on a new glow. A project that took some time to get off the ground is now well underway and could be a huge success.


What you hoped to be an easy path seems to be littered with stumbling blocks. Petty issues are stopping you from moving forward. A group project is bringing nothing but hassle. Everyone is on a separate wave-length. No one seems to be listening to what others have to say.

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