Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for November 30

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A new work assignment will give you the chance to explore your creativity and fantasies. Experimenting with new ideas will make you realise there are areas you have not yet experienced and you would really value a chance to try new directions. Making friends will be easy now.


A progressive phase of your life begins. Hopes and dreams are starting to take solid shape and you will feel glad of your careful planning of the past. It has taken a lot of effort and patience but the waiting is over.


You will feel privileged to be a part of a special event or occasion. The music, colours and spirit of goodwill surrounding you will touch you, emotionally. You might proudly play a crucial part in these proceedings. Your leadership skills will shine.


You won’t be in a hurry to instigate anything new. Even if you are feeling restless and in need of a change, you know that tomorrow is another day and you may not feel the same way. If this is just a passing phase you are going through you would regret making an impulsive move.


Difficulties can be overcome. You have had enough experience to know that problems can be solved and hurdles will not always prevent you from achieving your goals. You just have to find a way around them. Put effort into your endeavours and there will be success.


Take it at a slow and steady pace if you don’t feel up to your usual responsibilities. Accept help where and when it is offered. A colleague might kindly offer to take over some of your duties so you can leave early. An issue that has been causing conflict will reach a happy conclusion.


News from a distance will give you something to think about. Everything is starting to go your way and you will want to make good choices and decisions to keep it that way. A little extra money will be coming in but before splashing out on treats, check that everyday bills are up to date.


Life is looking up. A relocation or a job move will be the result of a lot of careful planning. Some people will be surprised when you announce you are making changes. You needed to keep your goals a secret until you knew nothing could get in the way.


New options and opportunities aren’t exactly thick on the ground but there will be a chance to make some changes to your life if you watch for it. If on the other hand you’re quite happy with the status quo, you will still be exploiting ways to add value to your life.


Achieving a joint goal is your objective now. A partner is as hard working, conscientious and as focused as you are on this aim. Because of this you both know that there is a high chance you will have something to celebrate soon.


You can think of a number of ways to grow a volunteer group but little interest has been shown. You are starting to wonder if some people are as serious about their involvement as they say they are. This time you will voice your suggestions with more authority. You need to be heard.


If you’re concerned about losing someone for good, one way to strengthen ties is to arrange a holiday together in a place where you can catch up and reconnect without any distractions around you. Life has been hectic and demanding of late. Making time for relaxation is the best gift you can give yourself.

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