Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Saturday, July 15


A friend who now lives out of the area will be coming home on a visit. You will not have seen each other for a while so there is much to discuss. Although they may not be staying as long as you would have liked, you will be making the most of the time you do have together.


There is a wonderful mood of cooperation and harmony around you. It will mean a lot for you to be able to get together with your housemates and family to work on a home improvement plan. No matter how hard the work, you will enjoy this chance to work together towards a special goal.


You haven’t had a lot of time lately to clear up after working on a number of different projects. Now it’s almost impossible to find the tools, documents and information you need to get on. It makes sense before starting on anything else to have a good sort out.


It’s unlikely that your friends will have any difficulty in persuading you to join them at a social event. Even if earlier on you weren’t particularly keen on this idea, you are enjoying their company so much that it doesn’t really matter where you go. Just as long as you are together.


Someone has been keeping a recent event secret. They will no doubt have had their reasons but you will question why there are deceptions apparent in emails and correspondence. You don’t want to write a friend off as being overly secretive but you can’t understand why they are behaving in this way.


People look to you to make arrangements and oversee preparations for future events. You had never anticipated taking charge in a group situation. Others are telling you that you are indispensable. This kind of adulation is making you nervous.


Confusion will occur when you try hard to do too much at once. It’s hard to focus on any one thing when you want to join in with dozens of conversations. Double check an address before leaving for an appointment or meeting. You could have the wrong venue in your mind.


It will give you peace of mind to bring all legal documents and existing contracts up to date. You will prefer to work on these on your own. You aren’t being deliberately secretive but you will want to steer clear of people who are known to be overly curious and meddlesome.


It doesn’t normally matter if your home or workplace is cluttered. Every now and then you will have a clear out. Currently you seem to be surrounded by people who hate mess and you won’t be happy when they start trying to organise your life for you.


A partner will bring up a problem that concerns a joint financial arrangement. This may be something you have overlooked. You need to hear them out and although this will seem complicated at first, when you break things down between you, a solution won’t be too difficult to find.


Some plans for the day do not seem to hold as much appeal now that the time has come. You had intended to throw yourself with enthusiasm into a new project. Now you would prefer to spend any off-duty hours you may have, in a more relaxing way.


Hobbies and activities that make you happy are the ones that will draw you now. There will also be pleasure through sharing projects with family and friends who are similarly inclined. If the chance of a new job comes your way, give it careful consideration.

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