‘Hot’ farm girl gets marriage proposals from men after dancing in hot pants

Blokes are begging a gorgeous farm girl to "settle down" with them after she posted a video of herself dancing in her white cowboy boots.

TikTok user Jallyn, who posts under the username @jalgiauque, showed off an outfit she wears to work and it left men in a frenzy.

The young farmer posted a short clip of herself dancing in a pair of cowboy boots and denim hot pants, and people can't get enough.

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She wore a black and white studded top, and paired it with super-cute little denim shorts.

The look was finished off with a classic cowboy chain belt and white cowboy boots.

Jallyn was seen dancing around the garden in the video and strutted her stuff for the camera, as she captioned the clip: "When he's ready to settle down."

Even if she has a mystery men, it's clear she's spoilt for choice when it comes to romance, as many social media users commented hoping to snap up the stunner.

One person said: "That's literally goals", while another added: "I just need a good woman like you to do it with."

A third begged: "Give me a chance finally."

Someone else said: "Your're beautiful", while a fifth simply left several ring emojis symbolising a marriage proposal.

Meanwhile some people said they'd jump at the chance of travelling miles to be with her.

One social media user commented: "I’d definitely move to Ohio if I had a chance with you."

"If I had the money I would move in a heartbeat," another added.

A third cheekily replied: "On my way to Ohio right now."

In other clips the sassy dancer can be seen on the farm with her dogs and videoed near the tractors.

The trend #farmtok is becoming increasingly popular, and is used to show what people's lives are like working at farms.


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