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FAST food is often seen as a 'no no' if you're on a diet and trying to lose weight.

But if you eat a McDonald's or a KFC once in a while, one expert has said you should be able to enjoy the meal without feeling like your diet has become a disaster.

Graeme Tomlinson, known as The Fitness Chef said if you enjoy your nuggets, then eating this sort of food is a triumph.

Posting to Instagram, he revealed how you can cut 518 calories off your McDonald's order.


The first order was a grand Big Mac, large fries and Coca-Cola, coming in at 1,349 calories.

By making a few simple changes, the Fitness Chef was able to get his meal down to 831 calories.

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Instead of ordering the above, he opted for a Big Mac, medium fries and a large Coke Zero, coming in at 831 calories.

If you prefer a breakfast at McDonald's, he also found a way to knock over 200 calories from your order.

Rather than ordering a double sausage and egg McMuffin and a large latte for 748 calories, he suggested ordering a regular sausage and egg McMuffin with a cappuccino for 520 calories.

Burger King

If you're more of a Burger King fan, then he also revealed a swap that could slash over 1,000 calories from your order.

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If your go to is a double whopper, large fries and a large strawberry milkshake then that will set you back 2,104 calories,which if you're a woman, is more than your daily allowance, with the NHS recommending women have 2,000 and men 2,500 calories each day.

The Fitness Chef slashed this meal by 1,056 calories by instead ordering a whopper, regular fries and a strawberry sundae.


When it comes to KFC, the expert also managed to downsize one meal by 1,100.

A KFC mighty bucket for one with a large Pepsi comes in at 1,670 calories.

This comprises of a bucket of chicken, Pepsi and a bag of fries.

But you can easily shave off calories by ordering a large KFC popcorn chicken, regular BBQ beans and a large Pepsi Max, for 570 calories.

The best-selling author highlighted that eating fast foods won't make you overweight.

"Our understanding of what we eat can serve to educate us regarding its viability in our diet," he said.

While fast food is often thought of as detrimental to our diets, he added that the items you chose often vary in calories.

"When you select large portion sizes you may want to ask yourself if this is truly required?

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"If the answer is yes, then so be it. But if the answer no, you can select lower calorie equivalents and still enjoy the same palatable tastes and experiences," he said.

He said that foods that are 'hyper palatable' can contribute to weight gain', but that recognising the calorific differences on menus can help.

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