‘I flog hairy nudes to make extra cash – and it’s taught me to love myself more’
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    A woman said turning to OnlyFans to create hairy content boosted her confidence – and taught her to love herself more.

    Rachel Mae, a 30-something from the US, has been working as a hairy creator for two years.

    She flaunts her body hair creating saucy content on OnlyFans, and is also a part of the Hairy Creator Collective.

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    Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Rachel said she turned to the platform to earn some extra cash, and she also wanted to find a new way to explore herself.

    Little did she know it would do wonders for her confidence, and she's really learned to accept the person she is as a result.

    Rachel said: "I started this work as a means to explore my sexuality, and myself as a sexual being, and to make some extra income during the pandemic.

    "I also work part-time as a registered nurse, but find it’s a great balance.

    "On my days off, I can catch up on my work as a hairy creator, posting on my fan site, social media and responding to messages."

    But, what started out as an exciting way to earn some extra cash, ended up doing wonders for the nurse in more ways than one.

    As well as boosting her ability to accept the person she truly is, she's also met great friends along the way.

    There are many people who create hairy content online, and she said they're such a great bunch of people.

    "I have found such an incredible community of hairy creators," she added.

    "I have also learned to love myself more, and developed a level of confidence and self acceptance that is definitely new to me.

    "Just like any job, there are parts that are empowering, and parts that make it like any other job.

    "There are lots of jobs that make money of our bodies, whether it’s physical labour, our minds or sex work.

    "In my mind, they are all the same."

    After two years of making saucy content, Rachel now plans to continue until she simply doesn't want to anymore.

    For now she said it's a really good outlet for her, and she said it really benefits her financially.

    As well as this – she said the people she's met along the way have made the journey all the better.

    Rachel said: "For now, I enjoy it.

    "It’s a great source of income, and it’s been an incredible means for self-exploration.

    "Honestly, the community of other creators that I’m a part of is the best part of my job.

    "I’ve met so many incredible creators, and we all support each other.

    "It’s truly unique."


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