‘I get boob-shamed for going braless on public transport’

A TikToker has been thanked for keeping it real after she exposed the truth of going braless on public transport in a humourous TikTok skit.

Social media creator Dee Dee garnered interest from more than 22,000 viewers as she highlighted the stigma around having a big cup size.

Women with larger boobs often cover up in public for fear of drawing attention to themselves, and Dee illustrated why in a video that highlights how uncomfortable things get when strangers fire unwanted glances at you.

The content creator, who describes herself as “crazy but mad” in her TikTok bio, has made it her mission to correct public opinion of going bra-less on public transport.

To make her point, she mocked up what a typical day looks like when she steps on public transport using a green screen of a public bus.

The content creator posed as several different characters to demonstrate the types of stares she would expect from strangers when scantily clad.

While the first character, presumably an older woman, fires disapproving look at Dee, the second and third characters – both men – stare indiscreetly.

“When you go out in public with no Bra pps be acting like ur nipples r gonna poke out dem eyes,” Dee Dee wrote as the skit unraveled.

The clip resonated with many viewers who rushed to the comments to thank the woman for her “relatable” content.

“You’re so real for this,” wrote one person.

Another person joked: “This was exactly like when my mum realised I arrived at hers not wearing one,” to which Dee Dee simply responded: “Nipple stare”

A third person quipped: “Never seen something so relatable”.

Similarly, other content creators on TikTok have used their platforms to speak out on the sexualisation of women who don’t wear bras in public.

@deedee_x0x All the time and I like not wearing a bra especially when it’s hot ������ #nobra #toohot #publicspaces #peoplebestaring #pokeyoureyeout #eyes #viral #trending #fyp #fypシ ♬ Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Original Extended Version – Boys Town Gang

Claudia, who goes by the handle @hey.thecloset on social media, recently revealed that even teachers commented on her cleavage when she was younger.

“Things I’ve been told having a bigger,” she said in a viral clip discussing the downsides of having 32J breasts, explaining that she frequently receives unwarranted comments about the size of her boobs.

“Such a shame they’re so big, you’d look so much slimmer if you had smaller boobs,” is one of the remarks she frequently hears, according to the clip.

The content creator also revealed she often receives rude questions such as “Are they real?”, which appears to be a common issue for bigger-busted women.

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