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A WOMAN kept her huge lottery win a secret from her husband for eight years before he found out after seeing a text on her phone.

The anonymous Redditor said she chose not to reveal her good fortune to her spouse as he has a tendency to squander cash quickly.

She scooped over £480,000 on the lotto back in August 2014, just two months before she wed her childhood sweetheart Mike.

But instead of being thrilled with her newfound wealth, the woman "panicked" and feared their lives would "turn upside down".

The ticket holder then realised as she was still "legally single" she could accept the prize without the need to tell anyone else.

She successfully managed to keep her win a secret from her husband, friends and family and decided to invest her jackpot wisely.


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Her post read: "My husband has a tendency to spend on things we don't need and that aren't going to benefit us in the long run so I didn't want our money to be blown quickly on stupid stuff like cars and clothes.

"I opened a new bank account with a national credit union and put the check in.

"Got started with a financial advisor (Keith), who guided me into investing in local businesses and real estate. And that's that. It's been sitting there since, just growing."

The woman's sensible money moves seem to have paid off, as her bank balance shot up to £1million thanks to a savvy investment in an energy company.

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But her oblivious hubby ended up rumbling her huge eight-year secret after noticing a victorious text message on the woman's phone from her financial advisor.

She continued: "My husband is stunned.

"Has no clue what to even say, staring at me until he says 'We have a million dollars??'

"I was so flushed but finally just sat him down and explained the situation. He's clearly mad at me for never telling him.

"Asks if my family knows, and I tell him that no one knows except the IRS and Keith."

The bemused bloke was left understandably upset by his wife's deceit and asked her for "a few days to clear his head".

But after crashing at a pal's house, the Redditor explained he had calmed down and understood her motives behind hiding the money.

I didn't want our money to be blown quickly on stupid stuff like cars and clothes.

She said in an update to social media users: "He's not angry.

"He agreed he would have spent the money on dumb things if he'd won it and is happy that I put it away.

"Little less happy that I didn't tell him about it for so long, but he said he doesn't care and doesn't want this getting in the way of our marriage."

The couple – who make £145,000 a year combined – have now vowed to only dip into their slush fund for "emergencies and pre-discussed things".

Reddit users weighed in on the woman's lotto secret, with the majority questioning the stability of their relationship.

Others joked the woman needed a new financial advisor as it took nearly a decade to double her money.


One wrote: "She says she won in August while single, they got married in October.

"She didn't consider him her partner while engaged? That alone says a lot, to me anyway."

Another said: "You should have told him, the money is yours what you do with it is your choice.

"But I don't think you should have kept it from the guy you were about to marry. It’s about trust, honesty and mutual respect."

A third chimed in: "If my wife could keep something like that secret from me for years I would wonder what other s**t was going down that I had no idea about.

"What kind of relationship do you have that you keep major stuff like this secret?"

And a fourth added: "You cheated on your husband financially.

"Plain and simple. There are many reasons to justify why, but at the end of the day, you deceived him."

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