‘I married my husband after I watched him on a date with another woman’

For a lot of people, seeing your partner on a date with someone else is a complete deal breaker – but not for this woman.

Gabriele Dokianos, who posts on TikTok as @gabrieledokianos, married her husband after she had to watch his date with an older woman in her place of work.

The wife claims they were high school students at the time and he just wanted free food from the older woman.

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In the video, which has gained more than 23,000 likes, Gabriele explained: "When we were seniors in high school.

"He worked at the Home Depot Garden Centre and I was a hostess at a sushi bar.

"Typically, he clocked out first and then would come and join me and hang out for the last little bit of my shift but one night, this very attractive woman who was substantially older than us, went into the garden centre like 15 minutes before it closed.

"Home Depot employees are kind of trained to like assign a person to help them, to get them in and out as quickly as possible. This woman dilly-dallied and flirted her pants off with Robert and then paid him $20 to carry a singular flower pot out to her car.

"After giving him the tips, she then casually mentioned how she's 'gonna go grab a bite to eat. Would you like to join me?' Robert, being the f***ing idiot he is, was like, 'that's a great idea. Have you been to that sushi bar?'

"Cut to my point of view, one of our regulars walks in whom I am friends with her son. She normally sits at the bar, has a glass of red wine, and had her food.

"I bring her over her singular menu and kind of talk to her and she goes, 'Oh, no. Two for tonight orders a ridiculous amount of food and two alcoholic beverages.'"

It was then when her boyfriend entered the bar, making eye contact and signalling for her to not say anything as she sits down with the woman to start eating and drinking.

Gabriele claims it was "the most uncomfortable 30 to 45 minutes of (her) life" as her co-workers questioned why they were allowing this to happen.

But it turned out better than expected as Robert later admitted he did it to get free food out of his older dinner date and gave his girlfriend the $20 tip he got from carrying the plant to her car.

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Years have now passed since the bizarre evening and the pair are married but she said he "wanted to invite her to our wedding."

Viewers were left confused over how she wasn't angrier about the ordeal but also found it hilarious how her boyfriend did it for free food.

One user said: "He was on the date for the free meal."

Another commented: "The man saw an opportunity for free food and took it."

A third added: "This really is all of the audacity."


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