‘I sell saucy content like my daughter – we embody the basic pillar of feminism’
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    A proud mum says taking inspiration from her young daughter to sell racy content on OnlyFans embodies feminism.

    Salon manager Evie Leana spoke ahead of International Women’s Day – saying every woman deserves the right to choose what to do with their lives.

    The glam 37-year-old joined OnlyFans after her daughter Tiahnee, 20, pocketed £57,000 in her first year on the platform.

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    Tiahnee embraced the saucy site in 2020 after her 18th birthday and her mum “instantly disapproved” of it.

    But businesswoman Evie eventually had a change of heart and followed in her little girl’s footsteps after a break up – and the pair have now made £100,000 between them.

    Speaking in the March edition of Chat magazine, mum-of-four Evie said: “I’m still following my life values of confidence and giving my life meaning my own way.

    “I frequently get asked for advice in starting an OnlyFans, but honestly, I think it’s all down to the individual.

    “You have to follow your heart and you have to do what you feel gives your life value.

    “I’ve given me and my daughters the freedom to choose what we do with our life and bodies. The right and freedom to choose is a basic pillar of feminism, and a right every woman deserves.

    “You should do what you want with your body. I’ve never regretted mine and Tiahnee’s journey together.”

    Despite having no regrets, the decision to share her sexuality so publicly has inspired a mixed response.

    Reflecting, Evie, who is from Adelaide, Australia, explained: “Inevitably, I did get some backlash.

    “‘Get a real job and have more respect for yourself,’ a nasty comment read.

    “However, I have always been confident and a comment like that was not going to stop me.”

    But she continued: “Putting out my first post, I was extremely nervous, but Tiahnee was my biggest supporter.

    “We were aware there may be backlash, but thankfully we didn’t have to worry about that from our family and friends in South Australia. They were all so supportive and reassuring.”

    Although she was anxious posting at first, Evie is now comfortable sharing raunchy photos of herself online.

    She said Tiahnee takes her “sexy snaps” and they take time to sit and discuss new content ideas.

    Evie added: “Luckily, I didn’t feel embarrassed at all. The pictures were actually a great way to express my sexuality.”

    The pair are now known all over the world for being the mum and daughter who do OnlyFans.

    But the mum, who lives with her three other children, recently added another string to her bow by starting a family business.

    She explained: “We have finally decided to start our own business. Me, Tiahnee and one of my other daughters, Rayne, who studies beauty therapy, are expanding the services available in the beauty salon.

    “OnlyFans will still be my main form of income and remain my priority.

    “I love every second of my OnlyFans career. But I’m also happy to be working alongside my lovely girls in the salon.”


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