‘I stopped talking to my sister after she called me rude over my kid’s name’

A woman stopped talking to her sister after she suggested she was rude for refusing to change her daughter’s name.

Reddit user New_Possibility_9820 shared the confusing tale on the forum, admitting she struggled to understand why her sibling would complain about the name she picked.

The original poster said she and her husband announced they had named their child Alannah right after her birth, expecting the family to simply congratulate them on the new addition.

But her sister surprised her when she immediately expressed a dislike for the name: “My sister had an almost immediate reaction of OMG why would you name your child Alannah?!

“And it was so confusing to me because it was such a strong reaction. I told her we thought the name was pretty and would grow nicely with our daughter.”

After going radio silence for a week, the sister showed up at the new parents’ home to complain once against about her niece’s name.

And despite repeated attempts to understand why she disliked the name Alannah, the original poster still failed to get a proper explanation from her sister.

She continued: “She showed up at my home and overreacted more to the name. She was saying it was so s****y that we chose the name and how could we do that to her niece.

“I asked her what she was talking about and asked her why she hated the name so bad. I was wondering if she’d had some terrible experience with an Alannah unbeknownst to me.

“But all she could say is the name was ugly and an easy target for being made fun of. I asked how and she said it was pukey and nobody should be saddled with such a terrible name.”

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But rather than giving up on her protestations, the sister doubled down and called the original poster “rude” for ignoring her advice.

She added: “She was giving me nothing reasonable, at least to me since I do not think Alannah is exactly an easy name to be bullied over, so I told her her reaction to the name was over the top and totally rude to my husband and to me.

“I told her she might not love the name but she did not need to go so hard on us for giving our daughter the name.

“She told me I was rude and should listen to her when she’s trying to save my daughter from torment. And that I should trust her enough to believe her and not criticize her.”

New_Possibility_9820 then asked members of the Reddit community whether she was being unreasonable over her refusal to listen to her sister.

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The overall consensus was that the disgruntled sibling needed to “stay in her lane.” One user also named Alannah said: “Your kid, your choice. You aren’t calling your kid Tinkerbell. Or something that hasn’t aged quite as well.

“Tell your sister to stay in her lane. Your baby will be fine with her name. May I suggest Lannie as a nickname? Lol.”

Another user said: “I don’t get it either – how can an emotionally mature adult have such an averse reaction to a name without being able to explain why? Unless she can provide some context, I think your reaction is fair.”

Several Reddit users suggested the poster’s sister might have planned to use the name herself and mounted her crusade to have her niece’s name changed.

One user wrote: “I suspect sister wanted to use that name and is pissed it is already taken. It is a beautiful name and a classy name.”

Another simply wrote: “She 100 percent wanted that name for her kid.” And another said: “Is Alannah the name your sister had called dibs on for her kid, without actually telling you? Alannah is a nice name.”

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