I thought I had chronic gas for six months — then I found out I was pregnant

A woman who didn't know she was pregnant until she was six and half months along has told of how she missed her symptoms because she thought she had "gas" and a bump from "eating a lot more".

Myley Jay, from the US, also blamed pregnancy nausea on a "really questionable burrito" but was left shocked to discover that she was actually 28 weeks pregnant.

The mum took to TikTok to share her story, revealing that she managed to get pregnant with her first child despite being on birth control and having two contraceptive shots while she was expecting.

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"I didn't know I was pregnant for six and a half months. I know that sounds insane," she said in one video.

"I would hear these stories and I always thought 'how could someone be that dumb?' This is how. I was 20 years old and on the birth control shot, I got it exactly every three months like I was supposed to.

"My periods started getting really spaced out and then my period went away completely, totally normal for this birth control. I was so happy because it was obviously working so great. It wasn't, I was pregnant."

Myley said that the idea that she could be pregnant never crossed her mind because she thought birth control was "foolproof".

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Despite this, she revealed that she did experience symptoms of pregnancy and even felt the baby moving, but thought at the time that she was just experiencing gas.

Responding to a question about whether she felt the baby kick, she said: "I probably did but I didn't notice them until after I found out. They feel like gas bubbles or your tummy is just rumbling a bit.

"When you know you're not pregnant and you feel a little gas bubble you don't think 'wait is that a baby moving inside me? I'm probably super pregnant', or at least I don't do that."

Myley also explained that she even started "showing" but thought that this was because she was "eating a lot more" after recovering from an eating disorder.

"I did start showing but I was actually recovering from an eating disorder and was really proud of how I was doing my stomach was getting a lot bigger but I knew that was because I was finally eating a lot more and I was trying to love my new body," she said.

The mum, who is now 28, said that while she didn't feel much sickness during her pregnancy, there was one occasion that she chalked down to a dodgy burrito.

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She explained: "I could only think of one time that I randomly threw up but I had just scarfed down a very questionable bean and cheese burrito so I was really just regretting that decision and not at all thinking 'wait am I pregnant?'"

But Myley finally began realising something wasn't right when she was turned away from donating blood plasma because her iron levels had dropped suddenly and she started getting "insane" leg cramps at night.

Her mum suggested that she might be pregnant when she described her symptoms and Myley took a test to "humour" her but was floored when the test came back positive.

Myley was due for her next birth control shot at the time and revealed that she had to "beg" for a pregnancy test at the Planned Parenthood appointment, which also confirmed that she was pregnant.

She found out how far along she was at her first ultrasound appointment.

"The doctor put the ultrasound doppler on my stomach and the first words out of her mouth were 'that's a 28-week-sized head'. I got to have the shortest little three-month pregnancy and then I had my baby girl," Myley said.

Despite not knowing she was pregnant for so long Myley's baby was "perfectly healthy" even though she had been "hot tubbing, laying in tanning beds, consuming a whole lot of caffeine."

She added: "When I was about five months pregnant I ran and dove onto my stomach on a slip and slide but luckily I don't drink or smoke, never have, so I didn't have to worry about that."

Myley, who is now a mum of three, said she was "completely naive to how common it is to actually get pregnant on birth control".

She now has a new contraceptive implant in her arm but still worries that she'll get pregnant accidentally.

"I still constantly think I'm pregnant, I'm always taking tests. Now I know even when I'm not really having a period I can still get pregnant", she said.


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