‘I work with Martin Lewis and these are the best money-saving tips hes given me

Having spent five years working alongside money saving expert Martin Lewis, former CBBC host Angellica Bell knows more than a thing or two about money-saving – and she's now shared her top tips with OK! readers.

In 2017, Angellica joinedMartin Lewison his eponymous money saving show as a co-presenter and since then the pair have been providing many up and down the country with their best money saving tips and hacks.

The Martin Lewis Money Show finished its 11th series earlier this year, though co-presenter Angellica believes it’s probably been relevant for many now more than ever.

She told OK!: “It's been vital for people at this time, especially now as we're coming into the cost of living crisis where people are suffering with anxiety.”

Throughout her time on the show, Angellica has seen Martin face many questions to do with money saving and it taught her a lot.

“One tip I think I'd give, which I always say is about being open about money. It’s a topic we struggle with and people don't like talking about is seen as uncouth," she said, adding that pal Martin’s wisdom has helped her: “Another thing that Martin always says to me is, ‘do you need it?’.

"Sometimes when we are going to purchase something I think ‘take a step back and pause’. So before you buy, think.”

Angellica and Martin have been working together for half a decade now and their friendship has blossomed since then – they now go on double dates with their partners.

“We get on really well. Behind the scenes he genuinely cares and we try and meet with our partners at least twice a year and go for dinner.”

She gushed: “He's got such a good heart. He's really sensitive – actually, I think we both are because you want to help everyone. and sometimes that's not possible. But he's great and that's why I think I'm still on the show and we're still working together.”

The show is always a viewer favourite and the social media discussions it generates are massive. Angellica says: “The feedback we get when we go on TV, and the show goes out, the amount of traffic is insane.”

She adds that while there’s so much negative news with finances at the moment, sharing positive stories is vital.

“We love those success stories. I will always try and get in as many as possible, because I think that's when you hear people's success and hear that they are taking the advice and it works, that motivates you.”

Angellica has had an incredible career presenting TV for over two decades now and reflects that “sometimes we forget those moments that touched us, that moved just, that inspired us,” but when picking a career highlight she doesn’t have to look far.

“I want to say Martin because it was part of a huge moment in this country's history. I was working on a show where it was just so important.”

Angellica has teamed up with Gumtree for its latest campaign ‘Gumfree’ – which aims to eradicate any outdated stigma attached to getting something for nothing, and instead celebrate the savvy consumerism of shoppers who pick up preloved items free of charge.


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