Im a pretty girl so I get things for free – I only spent £30 in Las Vegas

A self-proclaimed 'pretty girl' revealed that she is showered with free things because of her looks – including a flashy holiday in Las Vegas.

Kimberly Beltran admitted that her "vibe" is "just living life" and it appears that she is attempting to do that while saving cash.

Despite going on luxurious getaways, the 20-something has not broke the bank in the process as she has relied on various men to pay her way.

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Thanking her 'pretty privilege', Kimberly believes that her appearance entices blokes to splash the cash just so they can be in her presence.

In a viral TikTok clip, the glamorous blonde shed light on how much she actually paid when visiting 'Sin City'.

"How much I spent in Vegas as a pretty girl", Kimberly wrote across the clip along with a laughing emoji.

As she rocked some black leather look trousers and a pair of silver heels, she was invited onto a party bus by some 'ball players' which cost her nothing.

She was then invited to sit at their private table at a Chris Brown concert that had a close up view of the stage which cost a whopping $45,000 – but not from Kimberly's pocket.

The next morning, Kimberly spent $30(£24) of her own money on breakfast and a further $10(£8) for soup to nurse her "hangover."

But at night, the bombshell could yet again put her purse away as a man paid for her Uber journey to the casino.

Kimberly then implemented her tactic of standing by the bar in hopes she would take someone's fancy.

And, it worked.

"I'm cute and stand by a bar and someone usually offers to pay", she said as she shared a snap of her free espresso martini cocktails.

She then claimed that an 'MMA' fighter invited her to dinner at fancy restaurant Toca Medera where again she paid for nothing.

After munching on some food, Kimberly went out with the man from the bar who paid for her Hookah ( the instrument Shisha is smoked from) and even gave her some notes to throw at strippers.

It turns out the same bloke wanted to extend his generosity and even paid for Kimberly's flight out of Las Vegas.

For her time in the party city, she only spent a total of $40(£32)!

Impressed with Kimberly's ability to secure a mostly free holiday, many people fled to the comments to praise her efforts – and some women were even inspired.

One person commented: "The girls that get it, get it."

Another woman related: "For real people be saying Vegas is expensive.

"My trip costed me $126 (£103)."

While a third voiced: "Facts!! I went last month and came home with more money than I left with.

"Didn’t spend a dime."

Someone else gushed: "The dream I swear girl!!"

Meanwhile, a fifth person said: "I love going to Vegas cuz I come back with more money than I left for real."


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