Im almost 50 – but people always think Im a college student in my early 20s

A Brazilian beauty fan who looks deceptively young for her age has baffled internet users after admitting that she is nearing menopause.

Julies, who is 48, looks so young for her age that viewers have a hard time believing that she’s not a college student in her early twenties.

The social media siren shares content with more than 74,800 followers on TikTok, where she discusses various aspects of her lifestyle and posts funny videos.

Her TikTok page, which has racked up millions of views so far, also details exercise regimens that have helped her maintain an exceptional figure.

Although people are generally impressed by Julies’ youthfulness, some have questioned whether the influencer is telling the truth about her age.

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One of her most recent viral videos garnered more than 500,000 views after the content creator reminded viewers that she is in her late 40s while exposing her midriff in a black crop top and low-cut jeans.

The video, which was posted with the caption “How people expect me to look in my late 40s,” shows Julies with an aging filter, and without.

“How I actually look,” a subtitle read on-screen.

In another viral clip of hers, the content creator disclosed that she had already entered “perimenopause” with the caption “When you have a “meating”, you are already in your perimenopause”.

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In another recent post, the ’70s baby’ posted a video of her gasping as a caption reads: “When I realize that in 2024 I won’t be in my 40s anymore.”

Viewers rushed the comments to reassure the content creator that she didn’t look a day over the age of 24.

One person wrote: “You look like a collage student though,” while another wrote: “You look like you’re between the ages of 20-24”.

A third person quipped: “You look 23”.

Other TikTokers, however, refuse to believe that the content creator is being honest about her age, with some insisting that she is 32.

“I REFUSE to believe,” wrote one person, while another penned: “I’m pretty sure she is joking ya’ll.”

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