Inside life of modern day witch who does magic and tarot readings down the pub
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    When you think of a witch you automatically picture a woman dressed in black, who wears a hat and rides a broomstick.

    From Hocus Pocus to the Wicked Witch of the West – fiction has always portrayed witches as scary, dark and spellbinding characters.

    But a social media manager, from Bedfordshire, is showing this is far from the case.

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    AJ O'Connell, 33, identifies as being a real-life witch, but you'd never think it as she lives a pretty normal life.

    She has a day job, lives in a normal house and enjoys visiting her local pub.

    In her spare time she also practises witchcraft, and it's become a way of life for the bubbly young social media expert.

    Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, AJ explained she's been practising witchcraft since she was around 15-years-old – and her interest in the area has only continued to grow.

    It took her a while to find a method that "felt natural to her" as she was raised in a strong religious family.

    She discovered Wicca in her early stages of learning, which is associated with modern Pagan religion – and it "felt right at first."

    Now she opts for other methods and has put her own spin on modern witchcraft to "remember things can be magic".

    She says being a witch is more about doing good, and thinking of how you can make your daily life better.

    "For example, I'm making a cup of coffee," AJ explained.

    "I can make that magic by adding a cinnamon stick to bring some ambition to my day. Stir it three times, and you're ready to go.

    "It's making coffee a bit magical.

    "You use things that are really simple, but are powerful."

    AJ often talks to her work colleagues about the lunar cycle and how you can "manifest your life" by following the moon.

    During the last new moon, she urges people should start to think about new beginnings and what they want to see and get out of life.

    For AJ, Halloween is also an important time of the year, as she said it's an occasion a lot of witches celebrate.

    This is because it's actually the time of year when people should make New Year's Resolutions, according to the young witch.

    AJ said: "Halloween is the witches new year, but there are a lot of people who practise differently. It's one big party for all of us.

    "A lot of people may do things like Ouija boards, but I celebrate quietly.

    "Normally I would have a big party and we all go out and dress up.

    "I live on a new estate now, so it's my first Halloween here.

    "I've put my decorations up and, you can see the effect it's had, as more people in the street have put up decorations since.

    "This is the time where people should be setting their New Year's Resolutions. They shouldn't do it in January – it's the wrong time to do it.

    "This is why they don't stick to them in January – it's the wrong time of year – they're doing it when they should be resting and recuperating."

    As for what it's like at her house at Halloween, she said she'll put a Jack O Lantern outside.

    She claimed this will help to "guide the spirits", as well as keep any away that she doesn't want near.

    The modern witch said others may take to kitchen witchcraft, which she said has become popular in recent years.

    This may see some witches brew up potions on the stove, as opposed to gathering around a cauldron like some stories may depict.

    AJ also does something very special to remember a treasured loved one.

    "I also remember my grandmother," she added.

    "I leave out a cup of tea for her just in case she comes by to say 'hello'."

    AJ also reads Tarot cards, and she's been doing this since she was around 18.

    She used to offer free readings at her former local pub – and this is something she hopes to pick up again soon in her new home.

    When it comes to Tarot reading, she said it's important to remember that sometimes cards can show unpleasant things.

    But she said making small changes can also alter how these predictions pan out.

    "If it's not a pleasant card, it's not a pleasant card," she said.

    "You could make a change to change that card, and I'm not going to make you believe my card."

    For anyone who is interested in learning more about witchcraft, she said the main thing to remember is you need to look outside TikTok.

    In recent years #witchtok has become a trend on the social media app, but she said there's a lot of misinformation doing the rounds.

    If you're really interested in learning more about the power of magic, she said you need to study the history of witchcraft and work to understand the moon.

    To find out more about AJ, visit her TikTok page, where she has over 25,000 followers.


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