Kanye West Gets Dragged For His ‘Bulls***’ New Song About ‘Poop’ — See Hilarious Memes

Kanye West fans got trolled hard when the rapper delivered new music on Apr. 27, dropping tons of bars pertaining to poop. We’ve got their hilarious memes and Twitter reactions.

When Kanye West teased that he would be dropping new music on Apr. 27, fans were so thrilled and eagerly awaited his next new masterpiece. Instead he delivered a nonsensical hot mess of a song called “Lift Yourself” where he dropped a bunch bars about poop. Yes, poop. Fans are now having a field day with memes over the wild new release. The tune began promising enough with  a sampling from the 1973 song “Liberty” by Amnesty. The group soulfully harmonized, “Lift yourself up on your feet. Lets get it on.” Then a bass beat comes in with some electronic riffs and Kanye appears, dropping bars including “woop de poop de scoop, “poopity scoop,” “poop poop” “poop diddy woop scoop” and “scoopity woops.” You can listen to it here.

Yeezy seems to be totally trolling the world, but fans still weren’t down for “Lift Yourself.” Kanye got shredded on Twitter with disses and memes about how his new recording is a hot mess. On person tweeted “KANYE should’ve named his new song 51/50,” referring to the numerical code for a forced mental hospitalization. “Kanye West Is the King of Trolling. It’s Really Amazing,” another fan countered, as Yeezy had tweeted earlier that “I’m going to drop a song with a verse that will bring Ebro the closure he’s been seeking. The bars fire!” toward Chicago morning radio host Ebro Darden. Instead of giving him something meaningful, he gave Ebro bars about nothing in such a trolling.

Another user pointed out how juvenile the song came across, writing “This n***a Kanye did not just release a Sesame Street rap ft Elmo ….talking bout some “whoopidy scoop, whoop whoop scoopidy whoop.” Yeah, even Yeezy’s two-year-old son Saint could probably come up with better bars. Another fan worried about where Ye’s mind is at, saying “Kanye is such a headass and I officially do not feel bad saying I miss the old nonheadass Kanye.” One woman tweeted “Kanye West is the ultimate litmus test for: how much can I f***ing loathe a person and still listen to their music.”

At least this turned out to not be a total letdown, as the Chicago rapper later debuted another song where he went back and forth about politics with T.I. in “Ye vs. The People,” where Tip rapped in favor of the people. That song was actual fire!

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