Kate Middleton’s body language is ‘so relaxed’ at school drop-off

Kate Middleton and William accompany children to school

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Kate Middleton and Prince William, both 40, dropped their children Prince George, nine, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four, off at their new school, Lambrook School in Windsor. What was the family’s body language like?

Judi James, a body language expert, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the family’s interactions.

She said: “The first day at a new school can always evoke signals of tension but the Cambridges use a sense of unity and team spirit here to ensure all their children manage to look relatively happy and positive.

“Part of this contagious confidence will come from the parents, of course, but there is another powerful presence in the line-up here that would be influencing individual behaviours,” the expert claimed.

What was Prince Louis like on his first day of school?

Judi opined: “Despite being the youngest, Louis positively marches towards his new school with an air of enthusiasm and resilience.

“He’s happy to hold his mother’s hand but he clearly needs that left arm to produce the kind of swing that you only see during marches.

“The emphatic swing also seems to be a signal to his dad that he doesn’t need more attention than his older siblings and is happy not to need to hold his hand.

“It would also be a message to his siblings: when the baby of the family is looking this brave it’s hard to engage in any nervous behaviour yourself,” Judi noted.

Does Prince George show any “protective” signs as the oldest sibling?

Judi suggested: “We can see a rather protective-looking George glancing down at his baby brother but it’s clear Louis is determined to lead the team in terms of how one should approach the experience.

“His handshake looks as confident as George and Charlotte’s and he is presumably more than happy to be dressed the same as his bigger brother George.

“George’s signals of checking his siblings suggest he intends to keep an eye out for them inside the school too.

“Charlotte does show some signs of initial shyness and she is very quick to grab her dad’s hand again once the handshake is over.

“But at other outings, these displays are often replaced with her usual confidence and love of being the ‘prefect’ in the family,” Judi claimed.

How does Kate Middleton react as she sends her three children off to a brand new school?

Judi added: “Kate looks so relaxed and elegant here, and her lack of over-attentive signals to her boys suggests she is finding herself able to enjoy becoming more hands-off as they grow up.”

Prince William was holding Princess Charlotte’s hand as Louis was determined to have a free arm while he walked.

What were the Duke of Cambridge’s interactions with his daughter like?

Judi claimed: “The touch of affectionate reassurance comes from William to his daughter Charlotte.

“She probably doesn’t need prompting now but that gentle hand on the back of her head is a very loving nudge as she steps away from her dad’s side,” the expert said.

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