People are just realising why Amazon logo includes an arrow – it’s not a smile

Despite Amazon being a household name, people are only just beginning to realise something about the logo.

From Alexa to the Ring doorbell, reminders of the e-commerce and streaming giant are everywhere.

But have you ever taken a close look at the logo? Well, neither have we until now.

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And, just like this one Twitter user – we are gobsmacked.

The logo of Amazon is pretty simplistic with it being stylised in black, sometimes white, lower case letters.

To make the brand stand out, the yellow arrow makes the logo instantly recognisable.

While some have previously speculated that the curved and pointed shape is supposed to represent a smile, there is something else that we have all been missing.

Eagle-eyed Twitter user @korewadiego noticed a hidden meaning behind the placement of the arrow.

“I just realised the arrow under the amazon logo indicates ‘a to z’. I feel f***ing stupid," they shared.

Mind blown…

So as they explained, the start of the arrow is underneath the ‘a’ and the pointed part ends at the ‘z’.

The phrase commonly means to finish something in its entirety while covering everything along the way.

“Bro I thought it was like a smile or some s**, you can't blame me when the shortened icon is like this,” they added as they shared a different variation of the logo.

And, it seems they are not the only one in shock about the hidden meaning.

One person admitted: “Didn't know either. Just thought it was a simple smile.

Another user added: “I thought it was a smile omg.”

While a third voiced: “I think the arrow is just supposed to be a smile.”

It wasn’t too long ago people were left baffled by another logo.

Travelodge is known for their budget friendly hotel rooms.

But, one woman noticed something about the logo that not many people considered before.

Most people thought the icon represented hills, but it is actually someone sleeping.


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