Khloe and Tristan Have Brutally Honest Convo About His 'F–ked Up' Actions, Possible Future

Khloe opens up about having a man she "did not even want to look at just a couple months ago" living with her again, as he reflects on how he hurt her on The Kardashians.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are sharing one house again following their tumultuous breakup — but she’s laying down some serious boundaries to keep things strictly platonic.

This week’s new episode of The Kardashians began with Khloe opening up about what it’s like having Tristan living with her amid repairs on the roof of his own home. The temporary move came after the death of Thompson’s mother, which led to Tristan also gaining custody of his younger brother Amari, who is wheelchair-bound and suffers from severe epilepsy.

“I definitely feel overwhelmed and I guess stressed, but I’m not the one going through most of the pain here,” she shared, before sister Kim Kardashian also revealed in a confessional where she stood with Khloe’s ex.

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“I know you guys are gonna hate me for this and you’re gonna hate us. It’s so crazy because he’s such a good friend and such a good dad, but he just couldn’t get it together in that area of being a faithful boyfriend,” said Kim. “You want to obviously hate him for that, yeah, of course his actions and who he was, so f—ked up. I can’t deny that, we’ve had our talks about it, we’ve had our fights about it and we’ve had our arguments about it.”

But, she said, Tristan has done “so many decent things” — including helping her out with her own children when she was going through issues with Kanye West.

“When he saw me struggling with my kids, he stepped up, he started showing up to the games, he picked Saint up, takes them to dinner and will always come to my defense, especially if it’s stuff with me and my ex,” she shared. “I just never forgot that, so I’ll never really throw someone away and act like I don’t feel they can grow and evolve.”

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That’s basically where Khloe stood as well, acknowledging all he put her through in the past — including cheating and hiding a pregnancy with another woman from her — while hoping for nothing more than a close, friendly, coparenting relationship going forward. In the back half of the episode, Khloe and Tristan sat down together for a very honest conversation about their past, present and future … where he referred to her as his “person,” while Khloe made it crystal clear she was not interested in anything romantic.

“I’m not naive to the fact that my ex boyfriend is living in my house and that we’re in really sensitive times. Tristan is in the very fresh stages of grieving,” she explained in a confessional before speaking with him. “But without me being an a-hole all the time, I still just want to make sure that boundaries are set, that they’re in place and that there’s just full transparency and honesty.”

During their convo, Khloe reiterated their current living situation was only temporary, before joking she had a feeling he was “over there poking little holes in the ceiling” to stay at her place longer. She added she couldn’t wait to see his place once fixed, adding that while she’s grateful for how “helpful” he’s been with the kids, she also couldn’t wait to have her own space again.

“I never want to be someone that anyone can accuse that I misled them when it comes to love. I think I’m so adamant about that because I’ve been on the receiving end of it and I just don’t think love is something you play with,” she said to producers, before Tristan once again thanked her for all her hospitality.

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The conversation shifted slightly as Tristan began talking about a commentator gig he landed with ESPN, with Khloe warning him not to be “raunchy” during live TV segments. With that, he got a bit introspective.

“That’s the one thing that’s bad about sports. We’re groomed to be so tough … it wasn’t until I really had to look at myself and hold myself accountable. We’re taught to the man, do what you please, bros over hos. You gotta be your own man and don’t care what people think or that you need to get validation from others,” he said. “[Daughter] True’s understanding stuff, [son] Prince understand things, they go to school and they have classmates, the last thing I want them to do is ever feel embarrassed that I’m their father.”

“I think going down the journey I’ve been on, especially with what happened to my mom, I ask myself, ‘Why do certain things to hurt certain people?'” he asked. “The thing that sticks to my mind: I know how much I care about you, I know how much I love you. You’re my best friend. How come I meet my person, how come I’ve done so much wrong things to do. Why put you through that?”

In a confessional, Khloe said she’s heard Tristan refer to her as his “person” quite a few times before — adding that it’s something that has “angered” her in the past. She explained the statement was frustrating because, if true, “then why would you have treated me this way? And how many times?” She added that while she wasn’t saying she didn’t believe him and that she’s a “hopeless romantic” at heart, none of that would “change how I feel and what happened.”

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She went on to tell Tristan that she and her family would always be there “in times of need” and weren’t vindictive people. Though she said she wasn’t “justifying anything you’ve done” — calling his past behavior “f–ked up” — she added she wouldn’t let it “break” her. Khloe also told him that if what he said about her being his “person” was true, then those feelings would inspire him to do better and “want to change for yourself, not because there’s a prize at the end of it.”

“We’re gonna be in each other’s lives for the rest of each other’s lives because of our kids. I’m not gonna fight that and I’m gonna make sure it’s as nice as possible for me,” she added.

In a confessional, Khloe acknowledged that what he did “was not some small little incident” and was actually a “massive situation that really was a very traumatic experience for me in my life.” That being said, she wanted to show their children that “mommy and daddy can coexist as coparents” and be there for each other for support when needed.

“Someone that I did not even want to look at just a couple months ago, I have living under my roof. I’ve lost a parent, I don’t wish that on anybody,” she continued. “I don’t care what you did to me, this is something beyond my pain.”

Addressing her critics, she added, “My moral compass is saying for me to be a good person and be supportive when someone is in need. So everyone, you do what your moral compass says, I’m gonna do what mine says.”

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After Tristan said her actions only proved how “pure and great” of a soul she was, Khloe said he was also a “good person at your core” — or else she wouldn’t have been with him in the first pace.

“Everyone has done dumb s–t in their life, just not everyone does it on a public platform, which sucks,” she added. “Just like you can do dumb s–t publicly, you can do incredible stuff publicly. We’re always rooting for you, we always want the best for you and we believe in you as a person.”

“Just remember, you’re not your past, your past does not define you and moving forward, hold yourself in a way that you will be proud of,” she concluded. “Your legacy, what you want to leave behind, is way greater to what the world has been exposed to.”

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