Logan Paul Apologizes For Threatening Lawsuit Over CryptoZoo Scam Claims

Logan Paul is no stranger to controversy, but it appears he had second thoughts after threatening a lawsuit against a fellow social media star.

Earlier this month, Logan posted a YouTube video threatening to sue pop culture commentator Stephen “Coffeezilla” Findeisen over a 3-part video series he made on the content creator.

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Coffeezilla (who has 18 million subscribers on YouTube) released the first video in late December, which accused Logan’s CryptoZoo of multiple illicit activities. He said that Logan’s company scammed investors by convincing them to poor money into worthless digital assets.

Logan first launched CryptoZoo in 2021, after teasing the idea on his podcast. He claims to have spent a million dollars developing the app, which allows users to buy NFTs and cryptocurrencies in an attractive, interactive game format.

Users were promised they could easily make money through the online platform, however, it received criticism when no playable features were incorporated by 2022.

Amid reports that he sold millions of dollars in cryptocurrency and NFTs via CryptoZoo, Logan has allegedly abandoned the project.

The backlash against CryptoZoo was at an all-time high after Coffeezilla’s first video was released, which prompted Logan to make an apology in the company’s Discord channel. He said CryptoZoo would be “taking accountability, apologising and coming forward with a plan in the near future.”

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Furthermore, Logan deleted the video in which he threatened to sue Coffeezilla, and also issued and apology to the online investigator.

Coffeezilla subsequently posted on his own social media channels confirming Logan’s apology and revealing what was next, as far as he knew.

“Logan called me,” Coffeezilla tweeted. “Taking accountability, apologising and coming forward with a plan in the near future.”

The YouTuber added, “I believe he’s making a 3rd response, which I’ll be delaying my video to include. Hopefully this time he takes accountability and refunds the victims of CryptoZoo. That’s what matters.”

It’s not clear what prompted Logan to backtrack on his threats to sue Coffeezilla, or to apologize for CryptoZoo, after weeks of staying silent on the controversial platform.

He may have avoided one lawsuit, but Logan is no stranger to the court room. He’s been the subject of various lawsuits over the year. Perhaps most infamously, Logan was sued after posting a video in Japan’s “Suicide Forest,” in which he mocked a dead body while showing it on camera.

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