Lonely dog has spent nearly all her life in kennels – can you give her a home?

Four-year-old lurcher Sue was only a small pup when she arrived at Bath Cats and Dogs Home in August 2017.

Since then, she was briefly adopted but returned to the shelter shortly after, as changes in her new owner’s circumstances made keeping the dog too difficult.

Now, Sue has spent the majority of her life living in kennels – and staff at the shelter have issued a plea to get her adopted by the end of 2021.

They reckon the dog’s difficulty in finding a home has been down to her particular needs, which they describe as ‘challenging behaviours’.

Sue can’t live with children or other animals, and requires a muzzle when out walking – like many other lurchers.

She’s in need of an ‘experienced and patient’ owner, with a secure garden so she can’t jump out.

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But she’s a sweet, affectionate girl who could make the perfect pet for the right person.

‘Sue is a very beautiful young lurcher looking for an active home and patient owner,’ reads her description online. ‘She is very elegant and has bright amber eyes.

‘Sue has previously been happy when left alone for short periods and we hope this will continue once she has settled into her new home.

‘Sue loves meeting new people but can get a bit over the top and likes to have a toy to carry, which helps her to calm down.

‘Her new owners should be prepared to work on her basic training and manners as she can be hard to manage at time.

‘She is an affectionate girl, that loves a cuddle on the sofa just as much as she loves playing with her toys.

‘Sue finds other dogs quite overwhelming and doesn’t know how to interact with them politely. In time, with a lot of positive based training and encouragement she may be able to make a few select friends to walk with but she is not likely to ever cope walking in busy areas or meeting new dogs unplanned.’

Vanessa Langford, spokesperson for Bath Cats and Dogs Home, said: ‘All of our animal care team love her.

‘She’s really people-focused, she loves toys and she’s very social, she won’t sit in a corner and not do a lot.

‘The other really nice thing about her is that she’s clever. She likes to learn new stuff. She can already do things like paw and sit. She loves learning because it’s human interaction.

‘She definitely has some challenging behaviours so she will need an experienced owner, but it’s sad because she’s such a sweet dog.’

There has been some interest in Sue, but unfortunately her needs mean there hasn’t yet been a perfect match.

‘We’ve had loads of people call in wanting to give her a home,’ Vanessa added. ‘But there’s no point calling if you’ve got children or other dogs.

‘People are being really lovely and want her but we can’t take that risk of her getting over-excited with another dog or child, that way it wouldn’t be her fault.

‘The last thing we want is her coming back again. She has a great home here but we know that she would be much happier with someone else where she can chill out.

‘She is an affectionate girl and loves a cuddle on the sofa just as much as she loves playing with her toys.

‘As much as we love her, she would be happier in a house with a loving owner.’

If you think you could give Sue the loving home she deserves, you can get in touch by emailing [email protected].

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