MAFS star Thomas Hartleys most shocking one-liners after GI Joke quip

As Married at First Sight UK draws ever closer to the series finale, the relationships forged on the show have been put to the test at the final ever dinner party amid the E4 social experiment.

On Tuesday night’s episode (October 11) contestants Thomas Hartley and Adrian Sanderson decided to bring their journey to an end, after mutually agreeing that they weren’t a good match, after weeks of trying to make their marriage work.

Bowing out gracefully from the show, fans at home were quick to praise the pair for their mature, but emotional decision to call time on their relationship, while also shedding tears of sadness at having to wave goodbye to one of the most entertaining couples on the show.

Over the past few weeks, as well as watching a romance evolve, fans have witnessed some fairly shocking arguments and comments, including a few one-liners that left many viewers gobsmacked.

Here’s a look back at some of Thomas’ most memorable one-liners on this year’s series…

“I didn’t anticipate that I would be marrying Clare Balding”

It isn’t what you’d usually expect to hear on your wedding day, but just moments after first laying eyes on his partner Adrian, Thomas savagely made the quip regarding his appearance, as he openly admitted he was a far cry from who he’d usually date.

“He’s blonde. I’ve never dated someone who was blonde. I didn’t anticipate that I would be marrying Clare Balding. He is not my type. His hair is not how I would choose for my partner to have their hair and his suit is a little bit casual,” he remarked.

“Listen to me, I wasn’t expecting H from Steps.”

Despite his earlier misgivings around Adrian’s looks, Thomas still went ahead with the wedding, but refused to let the subject drop while the couple were having their wedding dinner together after the ceremony.

Confessing to Adrian’s close friend Katie, that he wasn’t expecting him to have blonde hair and be shorter than him.

“What did you have in your mind?” Katie asked.

“Tall, dark and handsome,” he admitted.

Later in the episode, away from prying eyes the couple themselves had a chance to talk things through, with Adrian saying: “To be perfectly honest, when we were sat down earlier at the table, and you said, ‘I was expecting tall, dark and handsome,’ at that minute, I didn’t necessarily want to go, ‘Oh, well, you weren’t what I was…’ I wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable in a crowd. I’d rather do it in this environment now.”

Baffling many viewers at home, Thomas then boldly declared: “Listen to me, I wasn’t expecting H from Steps.”

“Captain curtains can f**k off.”

Thomas and Adrian’s relationship continued to be a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the process, with the two men often failing to see eye to eye on a number of issues.

Admitting that he didn’t feel he was getting to know the “real” Thomas, Adrian said: "I just felt like I can’t have a conversation because I don’t know what I’m dealing with, but I did very quickly begin to get the defensiveness and his insecurities were coming through.

"The bigger Thomas got, the smaller Adrian got. The louder Thomas got, the quieter Adrian got."

Thomas then retorted: "I am a lunatic, so I’m fully aware of what I’m like, I’m really hard work, and that’s fine, but I want to be the best version of my hard work that I can be.”

However Thomas wasn’t keen to let the subject drop, as he later raged to the camera about his partner’s comments as he bitterly declared: “Captain curtains can f**k off” in a direct reference to Adrian’s hair.

“Princess Anne and Poundland Naomi Campbell”

While it’s no secret that Thomas along with many of this year’s participants in the experiment were unimpressed when fellow contestants April Banbury and Whitney Hughes decided to stir the pot and cause friction within the group, it was however surprising how vocal he would be about his disapproval.

In just one of several heated exchanges between the mental health care assistant and the pair Thomas memorably dubbed April and Whitney “Princess Anne and Poundland Naomi Campbell” much to the amusement of fans watching at home.

“GI f**king joke!”

As Adrian and Thomas decided to bring their journey together to an end during the final dinner party of the season, tempers continued to fray between the couple and the other contestants, particularly Matt Murray.

As the Honesty Box got underway and allowed the show participants to voice their thoughts, things took an explosive turn when George and April Banbury were asked "who is the fakest couple at this table" to which they answered Thomas and Adrian.

Explaining their answer, April said she based it on something Matt had said at the Commitment Ceremony.

To which Adrian retorted: "Yeah, I know, it's really annoying that. Wasn't it? It was really annoying when Matt said that. Can I just clear that one up? Actually, actually! Can I just clear that one up?

"If there's any one person in this world who is going to tell me that I didn't work my a*s off at this marriage, it most certainly will not be someone who didn't give his a day.

"So as far as I'm concerned, your feelings do not matter to me and that's all I have to say on the situation!"

Matt's partner Whitney Hughes then tried to join in as Thomas said "not interested" with Matt yelling: "Thomas, you're not interested in f**king nothing but yourself!"

Adrian then stuck up for his estranged husband, adding: "Listen, Alpha! Keep your big balls and sit down. Listen, f**k off! Do not speak to him [Thomas] like that. F**king s****y 1990s energy. F**k off!"

Matt then called Thomas a "joke" to which he retorted: "I know and you're a massive joke. GI f**king joke!"


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