I'm a hairdresser and you've got to stop wasting money on these products – moisturising shampoos are a big no-no | The Sun

WE all dream of having long, luscious locks, but many of us can be swayed by the cycle trends and fads.

But according to professional hairdresser Chris Wenzel there are some products you just shouldn't waste your money on.

The pro recently explained on his YouTube account, Blowout Professor, why they won't do you any favours.

First up, Chris recommended people avoid moisturising shampoos because they might make your hair feel silky smooth at first, but it won't last.

"They put extra ingredients in there to exaggerate the softness, but the thing is you don't want that extra softness," he explained.

The extra ingredients weigh down your hair and make it heavy and greasy.


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Chris said he wouldn't use any product that claims to have heat protection built in, since they almost always offer no real help.

According to the pro, if you want to use a heat protectant on your locks you need to buy either a blow drying cream or a thermal spray.

When it comes to healthy tresses, Chris insisted less is more.

So ignore labels that tell you to use their product everyday, because most of the time you really don't need to.

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"It's going to make [your hair] feel gross and producty," he explained.

Scalp scrubs are also a big no-no as far as the pro is concerned, in fact if you use one it's probably doing more harm than good.

Most people who think they need a scalp scrub are simply washing their hair wrong and "sticking to the basic products" would be much more useful.

Anything that claims to be natural is probably a waste too.

"The truth is every shampoo and conditioner has chemicals in it. Unless you're washing your hair with avocados and egg whites, it's chemicals all the way down," he said.

Finally, Chris said you don't need to waste your money on buying the entire range from one brands, even if they claim they work best together.

There's nothing wrong with mixing and matching shampoos, conditioners and sprays you love.

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