Married At First Sight transformations from unrecognisable hairstyles to tattoo transformations

Married At First SightUK 2022 is a TV highlight for those who have been following the experimental E4 show since it began in 2015.

This year has been a source of much attention for viewers as it continues to bring the drama, explosive arguments and tears – however in some places there has been romance…

This series and many from years gone by has also provided many bold looks for both the brides and grooms as they show off their personality through their appearances.

As Married At First Sight continues, we take a look at some of the biggest transformations of the show’s married couples…

Jenna Robinson

In this series so far,Jenna Robinson has been seen sporting long blonde styles.

However, in Instagram snaps posted years before the hit series was filmed, she looks incredibly different with long red tresses.

In an earlier episode Jenna revealed she suffers from alopecia and usually wears wigs in her day-to-day life.

She loves changing up her hairstyle, which is evident in the throwback snap, in which Jenna can be seen with long wavy red hair.

Matt Murray

Before Matt Murray’s appearance on the show,he posted a side-by-side snap of himself – and fans couldn't believe how different he looked.

He captioned the post with a motivational quote: "*The years pass, regardless of action or inaction* DO something. Or don't… I can't tell you what to do.

"I can tell you that you'll be happier if you do! Do the f**king work on yourself first before you do the work for other people."

In the before snap, he could be seen without a single tattoo, wearing a camouflage t-shirt, a simple blazer and blue denim jeans.

The after snap was much more recent, showing off his ripped torso, with tattoos across his chest and face.

Adrian Sanderson

A throwback photo from 2020 on his Instagram account showcasesAdrian Sanderson sporting a shaved haircut, looking unrecognisable.

The star, 37, is known for rocking his blond curtain bangs, causing his husband Thomas Hartley to once say: "Captain Curtains can f**k off" after an argument on the reality show, even likening him to Ian "H" Watkins from Steps.

Thomas Hartley

Adrian’s husband Thomas also looks completely different now.

Thomas has had a hair transplant, filler, his ears pinned and two sets of veneers in his quest for beauty perfection.

He’s been very open about his procedures on the show, but admitted that getting Botox injected into his creaseless face was a "stupid" thing to do.

He told Closer: "I don't want any drastic surgery. I don't want to change the way I look but when you watch yourself back, you do think 'oooh, I'll have a little tweak here and there.'

"You have to be sensible though. I don't want to end up looking like Michael Jackson. But you can't have bad brows in Liverpool. They're like the nipples of the face."

Adam Aveling

Adam regularly shares before and after photosof his fitness journey on social media in a bid to inspire others, crediting his love of fitness to becoming “ambitious and adventurous”.

Away from his job as a qualified electrician, Adam has a successful career as a fitness model and has even entered competitions as a body builder.

The reality star regularly shares snaps of himself posing on stage in competitions while showing off his toned physique to fans.

Morag Crichton

Morag was known during her time on MAFS for her crisp, mid-length ‘do.

However earlier this year in a big hair change, thereality star is trying out a brand new lengthy look . If that wasn’t enough of a difference, she’s also decided to have a fringe cut in.

Morag’s hair went from a single shade of bleach blonde to an ashy rooted blonde shade, but the biggest change is her hair’s length.

Amy Christophers

Amy Christophers who had light auburn hair on MAFS UK unveiled a dark look previously, documenting the full DIY process in a short video.

Amy previously had light brown locks which were made to look honey in tone with the help of thin blonde highlights.

She ends her DIY video with a completely new glossy dark brunette shade.


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